Sneak Peak on a Chef’s Hygiene


HospiBuz Desk

Do you completely trust the hygiene of the restaurant you dine in? Are you sure that their priority is the guest’s satisfaction and not money? Many restaurants follow some rules which put saving of time and money first. Make sure the kitchen staff of your restaurant is hygienic and is not following any such rule. Hospitality Industry is about the services they provide. In the restaurants, customer’s hygiene should be a priority.

Chefs and kitchen staff of some restaurants follow a 3-second rule or 5-second rule. According to the 3-second rule, if the food falls down on the floor and you pick it up within 3 seconds then the food is safe to eat. They believe it to be fallen on a napkin and not the floor. Make sure to appoint professional chefs in your restaurant who are against such rules. Think about the damage of reputation your restaurant will face if the customer becomes sick after eating your food.

Do you think germs will wait like this for you to pick up your food on time before it becomes their property?

Researches are done on this rule and it has been proved wrong to follow this rule. No doubt, the food is not good for eating once it falls on the floor. This rule was featured in a TV series Mythbusters. They exposed the food to bacteria for 2 seconds and for 6 seconds. Both the foods were contaminated and there was no significant difference in the number of bacteria which was there on the food. They were almost equally contaminated. So the myth about the 3-second rule was busted. Stay Hygenic Stay Healthy.