Sonal Holland’s quick hacks for spotless wine glasses


Staying in and indulging in your favourite wines with the family during mealtimes? Don’t forget to properly clean your wine glasses, in the process! Wine glasses are, without a doubt, delicate and must be stored and cleaned with care. However, cleaning your stemware need not be a tedious endeavour. Sonal Holland, India’s only Master of Wine, shares her quick and simple techniques to make clean-up after a wine-fuelled meal hassle-free!

· For those with dishwashers, all glassware and crystalware for wines is completely dishwasher safe.

· In case you do not have a dishwasher, are nervous to wash wine glasses in a dishwasher or have wine glasses that are large, hot water does the trick! It is important to note that the water should not be boiling nor lukewarm: tepid water is ideal.

· Simply pour hot water at the same level you would pour your wine; the steam rising in the glass will help clean it effectively.

· Swirl the water in the glass, like you would your wine. Tip the glass into a container to discard the water.

· Next, grab a large microfiber cloth, specially designed for and effective in cleaning glassware. These cloths won’t leave lint, stray fibre residue or streaks on your glassware.

· When wiping the glasses down, ensure not to touch the glass with your hands to avoid prints or marks. Grip one end of the cloth at the base and begin to work your way up, from the base to the stem.

· To clean the bowl, hold one end of the fabric under the base, taking care to let ample fabric cover the bowl as you reach inside with the microfiber cloth and wipe down the insides.

· Ensure you are cleaning with a gentle hand and begin by cleaning the base of the bowl. You can reach in deeper if needed by gathering the fabric inside.

· Use slow circular movements to clean around the insides of the bowl and work your way to the top at the mouth of the wine glass.

· The hot water and steam, as well as the use of the microfiber cloth, work wonders to give you sparkling clean wine glasses in a matter of a few seconds!

Inputs from Sonal Holland, Master of Wine. Sonal’s video on cleaning wine glasses can be found on her Instagram handle, here: