Special Limited Edition Teas to Celebrate the Pride Month


Anubha Jhawar and Akshita Gandhi, two creative minds have come together and created special blends named Zues and Venus to celebrate the pride month. These exotic blue and pink teas symbolically signify masculinity in a feminine colour and femininity in a masculine colour. These special teas are a perfect blend of holistic well-being with a visual treat. 

Akshita Gandhi and CelesTe have come together to promote inclusivity this pride month through their creative packaging and blue and pink colours of the teas. They have tried to bring awareness about the fact that we live in a patriarchal society where gender stereotypes are strictly defined. The Venus tisane is a burst of flavours with exotic blue pea flowers, mint and lemon. The hues of blue and purple have flowy curved lines to represent feminine energy in a “masculine” colour. Zeus tisane encompasses an amalgamation of fruity and floral notes. The solid geometric patterns in shades of pink in the artwork are symbolic of masculine energy in a “feminine” colour. The teas curated by CelesTe have exotic floral flavours in addition to its colours that makes this tea collection, one of a kind. The partnership between CelesTe and Akshita highlights an important ideology and is showcased beautifully by the launch of their special blends, Venus and Zeus.

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USP: Pride Special Teas Zeus and Venus
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Price: INR 599/- (each)