Spirituality & Meditation- For a Happy, Healthy and Productive Life


For times immemorial India has been the land of bountiful, and promises like no other land. Spirituality has always been the core of India. We have reached this far with great human efforts in science and spirituality alike. While some may believe that science and spirituality are different fields of study, interestingly science eventually uncovers the deepest spiritual truths, and the aim of spirituality is the search for the cause behind the scientific fact.

It is well known that stress is a ubiquitous phenomenon due to changing lifestyle, socio-cultural and economic aspects of society leading to the development of various cardiovascular and medical health issues. These deep-rooted maladies, that afflict us, can’t be fully cured by medicine, simply talking or attending counselling sessions through words as it only works on a superficial level and doesn’t work at the root cause. To become more resilient personally, socially and culturally we need to modulate our perception and thought processes.

Stress management and spiritual meditation program propounded and taught by our Spiritual Guide Dr M K Bimal has been proved to be objectively effective to rekindle our own Inner Healing Energy to attain Natural Health with resilience to manage distress and anxiety in a most productive way adding values to our life.

When whole humanity struggling not only for survival but also struggling with the painful and life-threatening syndrome of depression and distress which is impairing the flow of life. Our spiritual guide Dr M K Bimal, an eminent life coach, spiritual and meditation expert with more than 27 years of experience in this field has attuned and trained thousands of people in the science of spirituality mainly Om Sadhana, Spiritual System of Reiki Healing and Spiritual Meditation for holistic health. These techniques are a result of deep exploration of physical, causal and subtle human structure and rooted in the subtle knowledge and wisdom blessed by Indian Sages of the Vedic era.

Dr M K Bimal has conducted numerous classes and workshops for all walks of life including old & young, senior scientists and doctors from various Research Institutes and Hospitals including  AIIMS New Delhi, Mahavir Cancer Hospital, Patna and many more from different parts of the country.

 The foundation of the workshop was rooted in imparting the science of meditation and spirituality to reduce stress and increase the socio-occupational and emotional productivity of the participants in changing time. After attending these workshops Sr. scientists and Doctors perceived that these workshops are highly effective and advised that the above mention program shall be meaningful for stressful medical professionals and humanity at large and has huge potential for research in this area.

 Participants also committed that these programs are very helpful for better stress management and quality of life including spiritual healing. And hereafter we are witnessing practical rejuvenation and recoveries of thousands of people from the critical states of physical, mental and emotional sufferings.

Divya Jyoti Sansthan, located in Patna, the capital state of Bihar in India is Dr Manoj Kumar Bimal’s vision and mission to ensure people from all walks of life can reach a higher level of spiritual calmness, wellbeing that would help them progress further in their daily lives and routines.  This spiritual organization is dedicated to the cause of selfless service of humanity, and its main goal is to enlighten people for expansion of consciousness and to restore the lost glory of the Divine path of self-realization.

Our spiritual guide always gives emphasis on selfless service and leading a happy meaning life. He has also done pioneering work imparting guided spiritual meditation for the young generation enhancing their abilities.

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, fear and anxiety have affected the physical and emotional health of people in myriad ways as the world and our lifestyle is changing, demanding more resilient individual and social dynamic, particularly in view of the current Covid 19 crisis and concept of physical distancing. Realizing this threatening situation and the need for emboldening- he has been conducting many online meditation sessions which are being attended by several including students and professionals across the Globe. Thousands have benefitted and integrated spiritual science in their daily life and working towards attaining stable physical, mental & emotional health. 

Our revered spiritual guide always says- “By using these wonderful techniques we can be blessed with everlasting health, harmony and happiness, and that too without leaving our homes, offices and ignoring our family responsibilities.” Dr. M K Bimal has attuned more than thousands and proved beyond doubt that spirituality & meditation can help us to lead a great life performing all our family and work responsibilities.

With all inner feeling of selfless service, I am hereby introducing you to real experiences of few people who have got new lease of life through these spiritual practices.


Rahul Maitra

Rahul Maitra from Kolkata had tested positive for Covid 19 and his oxygen saturation level was around 56 and his situation was critical as blood sugar level, blood pressure, and infection in the lung were so high that doctors were worried that whether he would be able to see the next morning. He said that “With the grace of prayers and Divine Healing from all of you (members of Divya Jyoti Sansthan ) and with God’s blessings things suddenly changed when the doctors had given up hope. I started responding to the treatment and it was a very prompt response to the medications which the doctors even wondered about. Finally with 5 days of ventilation and another 05 days of hospital stay I was back on my feet though absolutely weak. Thank you all for your prayers and thank you Matri Shakti and pranam to our spiritual guide for bringing me to life again”

Sanjay Kumar resident of Dubai

Sanjay Kumar resident of Dubai, “I believed that meditation is a kind of religious activity but after attending online meditation sessions under the guidance of Dr Bimal, I realized that I was completely wrong. Since 2018, I was suffering from panic disorder and occasionally or whenever I get a bit stressed I used to get a breathing problem. Short breath and restlessness bothered me a lot. Along with this panic disorder, I also had hypertension, high cholesterol and thyroid. I was tensed, then I got an opportunity and discussed my problem with our revered Spiritual Guide Dr M K Bimal and he advised me to do divine healing on specific points along with meditation under his guidance. After a couple of days, I started feeling better. After a month of online meditation sessions when I went to the doctor for a routine checkup, my blood report surprised me as well as my doctor. My BP, cholesterol and thyroid everything was normal. With the blessings of almighty, I could come over with this never-ending story. This online meditation came into life as a miracle line and not only improved my healing ability also enhanced my creativity. I am always grateful for this.

Megha Chanda

Megha Chanda resident of West Bengal, India shared her divine experience: “Due to endometriosis, cyst, tumour, fallopian tube block (right side removed and 70% blockage in left), thyroid. I couldn’t become a mother even after trying for 5yrs. An IVF failed earlier. 13 doctors in two places in Vellore and Kolkata couldn’t give any hope. Kolkata medical college is prescribed for adoption. I had less chance of doing IVF. We explained the whole situation to our spiritual guide Dr M K Bimal and seek his blessings. We just told him that somehow my IVF must be successful because it wasn’t possible to be a mother in a normal way so I gave up that thought. He asked me to do Divine Healing for 5 months and to attend meditation sessions and then consult for IVF. After two months of divine healing and meditation, I got the news of becoming a mother in a normal way. The whole pregnancy journey was so beautiful that I didn’t understand about pregnancy for 2 and half months. Horrible pain of endometriosis and frequent hospitalization for that is now history. Today a completely healthy sweet baby girl of six months lighting up our house.”

Akshay Raj

Akshay Raj from Patna, Bihar India. 24yrs old Akshay said that “Since the year 2000, I was not keeping a healthy body. Frequently I was used to getting affected by cold, cough and fever. My walking pattern was not balanced and slowly it was deteriorating. In 2002 I was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy (Becker) which seized my mobility in later years and one day my school teacher Mrs Jaya Sahay saw my inability and suggested my family meet Dr M K Bimal, Spiritual Guide and   In the year 2006 With God’s blessings, I got attuned by him with Divine Reiki Shakti. After the attunement, my general health was improved (i) the frequency of cold, cough and fever slightly reduced, (ii) CPK value started declining towards normal making me stable in my overall health. All deterioration stopped (iii) Improvement at Mental level- Anger, stress decreased significantly and the feeling of satisfaction, positivity appeared. With all the ups and downs in my college life, I experienced an increase in my willpower and in work efficiency, I was able to work even till 2 am during the 4 years of my college. I never felt exhausted or overstressed and had been positive throughout.

Some major evidence of blessings of Divya Shakti on health issues:

CPK* value: Year Value  *CPK Creatinine phosphokinase

AIIMS 2002: 4353

Patna 2006: 4472

2013: 540

2015: 418

2019: 650

For a normal person, a CPK value up to 200 is considered good. The drastic declining value of CPK recorded since the year 2006 which happens to be the year of attunement, opened a floodgate of hope instead of despair. Physicians at Patna considered amazing and miraculous also. This is happening only after my association with revered Spiritual Guide Dr Manoj  Kumar Bimal. He preaches to us, how to remain positive in spite of the odds. I am witnessing this silent transformation of body and mind for the last 15 years. I am always grateful to Divine Shakti.”

Author: Vandana Singh