Strangers & Sons distilled friendships at The Little Easy- The Gin takeover of the cocktail delight


Mumbai 12th March 2020: They say- where conversations are easy, strangers become friends!

This is exactly what, The Little Easy, the speak-easy inspired popular cocktail bar from Bandra expected to happen with their first guest shift by Tejas Pore from Strangers & Sons gin, the Indian spirit that celebrates the spirit of India which happened on the 6th of March 2020. Tejas Pore, the brand ambassador of this cult gin and a celebrity bartender, made delightful cocktails while the guests mingled effortlessly into endless talking and laughter.

Strangers & Sons, one of the first gin brands produced in India, that calls itself an ode to this wonderfully strange country, celebrates the agricultural might, diverse culture as well as the richness of traditions. Made from nine inherently Indian spices, this Indian spirit launched in 2018 evokes the essence of the sub-continent in its every bottle. The recipe of this spirit is believed to be passed down by a mythical two-tailed creature, whose third eye dreams have resulted in this gin. While its robust flavour is a perfect blend of black pepper, nutmeg, mace, coriander, liquorice, cassia bark, angelica, juniper and a medley of aromatic citrus peels, this absolutely Indian gin is made in Goa, the land of spices and alcoholic delight. For founders, Rahul, Sakshi and Vidur, three gin lovers from Mumbai, Goa was hence the natural choice for setting up the distillery.

At The Little Easy, the speak-easy inspired bar known for its constant experiments with prohibition era themed cocktails, this bar takeover added spicy wonder to their vintage delight. The grand evening unfolded uniquely crafted cocktails like Pickled Apricot Highball, Strange Gimlet, Peruwala Highball, Strawberry Highball, Strange G&T, presented by the ‘local boy’ Tejas and his great sense of humour contained in puns and jokes.