Summer Recipe – MANGO SENSATION On Behalf Of Chef Sushant Parab, Sous Chef, Hotel Sahara Star



For Cake Sponge

1. Refine Flour 1000 gms

2. Sugar 1000 gms

3. Eggs 2 nos

4. Vanilla essence 2/3 drops

5. Butter 500 gm

6. Baking powder 10gm

Mango vanilla mousse

1. Mango Puree 200 gm

2. Glucose 20 gm

3. Whipping cream 400 gm

4. White chocolate 340gm

5. Gelatin 12 gm


For Cake sponge

1. Cream butter sugar until they soft and fluffy. Add egg slowly in the mixture

2. Fold flour and baking powder in the mixture

3. Preheat oven and bake the sponge in round tin at 180o C for about 20 minutes

For Mango vanilla mousse

1. In vessel warm mango puree and glucose, this hot mango and glucose mixture add in white chocolate and make it like ganache. Allow to cool

2. Whip cream and now add in the mango ganache

3. Soak gelatin in warm water and add into it

Assemble the cake

1. Cool down the sponge

2. Assemble the sponge with mango mousse in Mould

3. Assemble chocolate ring