Sustainability Efforts at The Seven Seas Hotel in New Delhi


Energy Conservation Efforts: Following “Save Energy, Save Earth” by transitioning to energy-efficient light bulbs and customizing lighting based on user preferences. Recent additions were made for motion sensor & power timers to reduce energy wastages.

Water Conservation Measures: Implementing alternative shutdowns of laundry facilities to decrease water consumption and optimizing water heater temperatures to reduce energy usage.

Locally Sourced Food Initiative: Implementing backward integration for sourcing from local markets and adopting just-in-time inventory methods to minimize perishable wastage, consequently reducing electricity usage for refrigeration.

Waste Reduction Strategies: Employing recycled paper and linen for cleaning, minimizing plastic usage by offering reusable glass bottles for water, and segregating and processing recyclables such as cardboard, glass, crockery, metal, linen, and food waste. We focus on procurement in largest possible perishable packaging to reduce wastages & transfer of good in durable waste free containers.

Air Quality Improvement: Hotel has switched from coal usage to gas and electric cooking methods to combat air pollution and decrease carbon emissions.

We focus on E -waste management through optimal aggregation & disposal.

Leak Prevention and Recycling: Conducting regular water drip audits to fix leaks and utilizing an in-house sewage treatment plant to recycle water for landscaping and plantation purposes.

Organic Waste Management: Producing organic manure and compost for greenery maintenance as part of the hotel’s green initiative program.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: Prioritizing the use of earth-friendly cleaning products whenever feasible.

Guest Engagement for sustainability: Encouraging guests to support sustainability efforts by reducing unused room linen during their stay and maximizing sunlight utilization.

Staff Training for Energy Conversation: Actively training staff on energy-saving practices and establishing a sense of ownership while minimizing carbon emissions.

Greenery Maintenance and Plantation: Maintaining green gardens with optimal plant replacement cycles based on seasonal needs