Sustainable and Responsible Tourism with tripXOXO


 ~Promoting sustainable tourism~

Mumbai, 30 April 2019: tripXOXO is committed to the cause of promoting sustainable and responsible tourism. tripXOXO is a discovery and booking platform for things to do activities and experiences. It is the largest aggregator in India for tours and activities, currently curating over 100,000+ products.

The concept of sustainable tourism is receiving popularity in the recent times and tourists are driven by the idea of making a positive impact on the environment, society and economy of the place they are visiting. The economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainable development include the interests of all stakeholders such as the indigenous people, local communities, visitors, industry and government. A balance is essential between limits and usage so that continuous changing, monitoring and planning ensure that tourism can be managed effectively.

tripXOXO believes in sustainable and responsible tourism and are contributing to the development of this sector of tourism. They are executing a campaign to plant trees on behalf of every customer as an awareness campaign to promote the ‘Friends of the Earth’. tripXOXO is announcing this special campaign between Earth Day (22nd April 2019) to World Tourism Day (27th September 2019). On bookings of Rs.3000 or more by a customer, a tree will be planted on behalf of the customer along with the certificate and location of the tree being shared. Through this initiative, the idea is to spread awareness to the new generation of travellers by listing rural & sustainable products for experiencing the beautiful, diverse and culturally rich rural India which is the nature’s wonderland.

Ms. Heena Akhtar, Co -founder of tripXOXO, stated, “With a rise in sustainable tourism, there has been a growing demand for environment friendly trips. Travellers have evolved over the years and have started taking responsibility for the places they are visiting. This initiative taken by tripXOXO will encourage more and more travellers to walk in the same path of restoring a balance in the environment. This will in turn help to create a trend in the whole of tourism sector for taking interest in the environment conservation.”

Mr. Bikrant Tiwary, CEO of Grow-Trees, stated, “People today have started to take the initiative of safeguarding the environment. Due to this growing demand, sustainable tourism has come into the picture and we are glad to have organizations like tripXOXO inculcating such practices. This association of Grow-Trees with tripXOXO is sure to bring about a new trend in the travel market which will definitely have a positive impact in the future.”

About tripXOXO

tripXOXO is a discovery and booking platform for activities, experiences and things to do. It is the largest aggregator in India for tours & activities, currently curetting over 100,000+ products. Travelers can book everything they need for their holiday besides air tickets and hotels on their website or

mobile app. With a steady rise in millennial travelers who choose to design their own trips, tripXOXO fills the gap and provides experiences across 300 categories in 600 + cities. Their products are available in multiple currencies, with payment facilities across all formats with a local and global help desk. tripXOXO is part of Travel Port Holidays India Pvt. Ltd, which is India’s leading leisure travel marketing and services company. For more information visit:

About Grow-Trees

Grow-Trees offers an opportunity to companies to demonstrate their green credentials by planting real trees in public lands through the web to greet or honor someone by means of an e-TreeCertificate with a personalized message. Companies enhance their green credentials by planting trees to engage with employees, recognize dealers, honor customers and acknowledge dignitaries, achieving a private purpose while doing social good. Numerous studies have shown that green companies get a better valuation in the markets, attract and retain talent more easily, enhance brand, trust, and reputation, and find that customers are willing to pay more for their products, and testimonials confirm that the Grow-Trees certificate makes a very positive impression on the recipients.

It was founded by Mr. Pradip Shah (former MD at CRISIL) with a vision to impact on carbon reduction, restoring forests, improving wildlife habitats and benefiting the communities dependent on the forests.