Tejas- Privatized train with biodegradable solutions.


The railway is taking steps towards sustainability if the environment. Passengers onboard the Lucknow-Delhi Tejas Express, the country’s first private semi-high speed train, were being given biodegradable packaged drinking water bottles. At least 1500 bottles are being served on Tejas express, both up and down the trips. The bottles are being used on a trial to check if the actually decompose or not. they are being prepared in Mumbai bottling plant. this is the first time that central railway is using bio-degradable bottles. Manufacturing of each bottle is costing 15 paise more than the regular bottles. 

As per the stats of IRCTC, in India, approximately 10 lakh metric tonnes of PET bottles are consumed in packaging water, soft drinks, juices etc. The biodegradable bottle is manufactured as a pre-format the bottling plant and then it is blown like a bottle at another plant. The bottles have been tested at the Indian Institute of Packaging, Mumbai, and testing authorities noticed that biodegradation did occur when the bottles were disposed of under high-solid anaerobic digestion conditions. 

On the other hand, UPSRTC has stopped providing water bottles to the passengers in the air-conditioned buses. They are not even allowed to carry their own plastic bottles.the have banned single-use plastic. An alternative arrangement has not been made yet. Even the shopkeepers have been asked to stop selling water bottles on bus stations.