The Culinary face of Rich Graviss


Chef Pankaj taking Indian Baking Industry to next level with Rich Graviss shares insights with Hospitality Lexis Magazine.

Hospitality Lexis / Print Edition November 2019

Chef Pankaj Jain, the culinary face and strategist behind the sales and marketing of Rich Graviss. As the brand says ‘Dare to Dream’. He is giving his best in making this dream come true. Here is the vision of Rich Graviss in his words. 

The vision of Rich Graviss

Dare to Dream reflects our relationship with our customers. When you talk about food, it can go beyond imagination. We help our customers achieve their dreams and we help by creating solutions for them. That what we tell them, dare to dream beyond the boundaries of ingredients and imagination.

Taking Indian baking industry to next level

Rich is the dairy-free company. Dairy has two parts to it, the dairy fat and the dairy salt. Most of our products replace dairy fat with vegetable oil. The idea is to give it sustainability and better shelf life and better performance in Indian tropical climate. Dairy fats have a shorter shelf-life. This would enhance the baking. We also have frozen logistics infrastructure. Because of freezing, we manage both shelf-life and logistics.  From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, we are everywhere. We have around 240 distributors. This frozen technology helps us in excluding preservatives from our products. 

“We are launching products like dairy blends to increase the shelf life os desserts and make them sustainable, adding to the need of the hour.”- Chef Pankaj Jain

Maintaining hygiene

Our products are completely machine processed. We don’t have any manual intervention in it. We confirm to the highest standards of FSSAI. We also have HSSAP and FSSAI licenses for our plants along with ISO:2001 certification. Our plants and manufacturing units are of world standard. 

Change in the Indian Baking Industry

Baking Industry in India is now becoming massive. A while ago it was very niche. India is the largest producer of bread and cookies but the per capita consumption is of Indians is least in the world. But now with the influence, the world is becoming smaller with the internet and people are catching up with the trends. Desserts specifically are leading the way as far as the bakery in India is concerned. 

A message to the industry from Rich Graviss

Food is a great medium of expression. Use standard ingredients. Keep your place hygienic and use quality ingredients. Do not compromise with the quality for the price. When you start cutting cost at the time of crisis and compromise with the quality, it works as a reverse cycle. You cut cost and the business goes down further. Believe in enhancing the product. Make your product even better so that the customer comes back to you. 

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