The Foodie who made researching Restaurants easy.


HospiBuz Desk

Garima Satija is the founder of Poshvine. It is an online platform, a community marketplace for all the foodies and travel lovers. It provides complete information about the local restaurants and hotels and one can make reservations in them with the help of this website. She founded Poshvine with her husband Richik Nandi in 2012.

Garima Satija comes from a business family and since childhood, she has seen her father struggling with the business and doing hard work. This is something which has inspired her the most. She has received hard work in legacy. After completing her education Garima has worked with startups so she knew what it takes to open a startup and how much hard work and patience is required for it. Her hard work has paid off well. Today 5000+ merchants are working with Poshvine and 10 million customers are experiencing their services.

Garima was independent from a very young age. She took almost all her decisions in life. It was her decision to quit her job and open a startup in which her parents completely supported her. She is an all-time foodie and during the days of her job, she realized that there was not much information on the Internet about the restaurants in collaboration so she knew that there was a need of such platform. Hence she started Poshvine. Using Poshvine is an easy thing to do. You get all the information about the nearby restaurants and you can book a table then and there with the help of Poshvine. The table gets booked easily and you just have to reach the restaurant on time. They add new restaurants every week to their website. You can choose your restaurant easily based on the cuisine and locality.

Garima says she loves making people smile and Poshvine does that by making seamless customer experience. They provide information based on your choice of Cuisine, locality and price.