The Guardian of India’s Culinary Heritage


Setting up the new benchmark for global food players Mr. Pawan Agarwal shares his valuable inputs on the impact story presented by Hospitality Lexis. 

Hospitality Lexis / Print Edition November 2019

“We can say that India is a global leader in eliminating trans fat.”- Pawan Agarwal

Pawan Agarwal(IAS) CEO, FSSAI

Pawan Agarwal has set the new benchmark for the global food players by eliminating trans fat from the country. FSSAI is the leading organization in ensuring the restoration of the culinary heritage of our nation. 

Mr Agarwal is focused on strengthing the real essence of tourism and hospitality is the culinary heritage with two main pillars that are hygiene and nutrition. FSSAI has launched a Trans fat-free logo and FSM scheme to maintain it. His vision is to uplift the quality of our local and traditional food so that will attract tourists from across the globe.

When we talk about Indian cuisine, Indian street food plays a key role in it. It shows our cultural diversity. Hence maintaining its hygiene is important to promote culinary tourism. Clean Street Food scheme warrants the standards of our street food. FSSAI by taking care of it is adding to the value of hospitality and tourism of the nation. 

FSSAI- One Food One Law. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has the big responsibility of keeping India healthy. It has to ensure that the food consumed by citizens of India is safe. To ensure a healthy nation, it is taking the necessary steps and launching various schemes.

Project Clean Street Food launched by FSSAI.

FSSAI launched the Project Clean Street Food which involves training and capacity building of the street food vendors to ensure safe and healthy food. 

Food Safety Mitra Scheme launched by FSSAI.

Through the Scheme of Food Safety Mitra(FSM), FSSAI plans to engage individuals with food safety at ground level. The FSM is an individual professional certified by FSSAI who assists food safety in three avatars- Digital Mitra, Trainer Mitra, and Hygiene Mitra.

FSSAI launched the Trans fat-free logo at 8th ICC, IFCA.

FSSAI launches the Trans Fat-free logo under Eat Right Movement. The organization targets to reduce industrially produced trans fatty acids on food supply to less than 2% by 2022.

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