The Institute of Baking and Culinary Arts (IBCA) Students Emerged as the Winner in the “Dress the Cake” Category at Incredible Chef Challenge (ICC) 2023


The Institute of Baking and Culinary Arts (IBCA) demonstrated exceptional prowess in the “Dress the Cake” category at the “Incredible Chef Challenge (ICC) 2023”, a prestigious culinary art competition organized by World of Hospitality (WOH) and Indian Culinary Forum (ICF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries and FICCI.

The ICC 2023 aimed to showcase the extraordinary skills of both professional chefs and culinary students in various aspects of Culinary Art, Food Preparation, Presentation, and Service. The event was designed to promote and elevate the diverse range of Indian cuisine while acknowledging and accrediting the participants’ skill sets.

IBCA students exhibited remarkable talent and creativity, securing top honors. Aayushi won the gold medal, Khyati won the gold medal, Shiva won the silver medal, Khushbu won the silver medal, Suhani won the bronze medal, Era won the bronze medal, Akshita won the bronze medal and Aryan won the bronze medal in “contemporary millets display”.

“Incredible Chef Challenge is a perfect platform for students to show their talents and experience the hospitality sector. I am very proud of the students who won the awards for their institute.”

Balendra Singh Director Institute of Bakery and Culinary Arts

Various hotel management college students enthusiastically participated in seven categories of competitions, demonstrating their culinary prowess and creativity. Additionally, the event featured master classes conducted by industry-leading chefs, providing a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable knowledge and experience.