The King of Fruits – Durian


HospiBuz Desk

Why is Durian banned, why is it soo stinky, why are investors taking stock in Durian, a Durian was auction off for $9k and how it tastes?

Answers are below-

What is Durian?

It is an oval spiky shaped fruit found in the regions of South East Asia, haughty named the King of fruits and mostly known for being the stinkiest, the stank causes its banishment on hotels and public transportation in all over South East Asia. Inside the Durian has 5 cavities filled with soft pods {the edible part}. The texture is creamy custard, silky and smooth.

The word durian is derived from the Malay term “duri”, meaning thorn. The fruit weighs about between 2-8 lbs and there are over 30 different varieties all of which are not edible. The variety is divided into two main categories i;e Sweet and BItter.

Why is Durian a King of Fruit?

When you look at it, durian clearly has a ring (crown) of thorns encircling the stem but the taxonomy doesn’t stop there. Countries in South East Asia recognize Durian as the King Fruit in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam, it’s considered to be heaty, meaning rich and heavy in flavour. It’s noted that the jungle cats eat Durians there are reports from Sumatran durian farmers who have sighted tigers in their orchards devouring their crop of durian.

Why Investors are flocking to invest in Durian?

The increasing demand for durian especially in mainland China. According to the database of the United Nation’s trade, durian imports were worth $1.1 billion last year. In April 2017, 70,000 durians from Thailand were purchased in 6 seconds on the online shopping site. The Musang King variety of durian in frozen pulp form is only variety allowed to ship from Malaysia to Chia.

The market of Durian seems to be in a stage of infancy making it accessible to a lot of opportunities. Expanded durian demand is influencing is being infused into cream puffs, ice cream, pizza, chocolate, etc. western chain has resorted their menu in parts of SE Asia. Pizza Huts are serving durian pizza. McDonald’s has the durian McFlurry.

Why Durian smells soo bad?

The Asian fruit smells like “Turpentine and onion, garnished with a gym sock”. The Asian fruit has such a potent stench that it’s banned on the Singapore rapid mass transit. The analysis suggests that it is not any single compound but instead a mixture of different chemicals that produces the fruits powerful stench. Durian smell- the range widely and include labels like fruity, skunky, metallic, rubbery, burnt, roasted onion, garlic, cheese onion and honey and a number of them have been detected in just a few other substances such as cooked beef, yeast extract, dried squid and leeks and therefore the combination of these 50 chemical produces the powerful scent that has fascinated and repulsed people all world over.

How it Tastes?

Durian is a combination of savoury, sweet and creamy all at once. A durian is asserted to have subtle hints of chives with powdered sugar, it’s supposed to taste as diced garlic and caramel poured into whipped cream.
Do not expect it to taste like other fruits!….