The Multi-talented Multi-cuisine Chef


HospiBuz: Chef, please give us some insights on the training which you have received in the hotels?

Chef Dalip Singh:- My training process included everything from cleaning utensils/work stations, preparing meals, managing activities in the Banquet space and restaurant, maintaining the monthly expenditure and budget, menu designing, plating dishes and learning the Art of Hosting. I have been fortunate to have worked for a Fine Dining Tapas Bar, Various Coffee Shops, Banquets along with that also had the opportunity to learn new things at the Chinese and  Italian Restaurants at the Taj Lands’ End, Mumbai that made me a Multi Cuisine Chef.

Working with the Best Chefs in my career has enhanced my skills but it is my utmost privilege to work with Mr Subhash Sinha, General Manager at Marriott Suites, Pune. He has been a Chef in the past and is my source of inspiration that makes me work harder and ensure the guests have a memorable experience at the Hotel. Chef Praduman Bisht, Executive Chef at Marriott Suites has also been a constant support in nurturing me and helping me with everything and anything that I need.

HospiBuz: You have worked at Taj Lands’ End, Mumbai. Please tell us about their Kitchen structure. How are their kitchens regulated and what goes on in the main kitchen?

Chef Dalip Singh:- Working at the prestigious Taj Lands’ End, Mumbai has been a great experience. The Hotel consists of five restaurants with five different kitchens along with a Banquet Kitchen, Main Kitchen, Lounge Kitchen and The Chambers kitchen. The kitchens have been designed under the guidance and expertise of Chef Anirudhya Roy – Executive Chef, Taj Lands’ End. They are well equipped with the latest technology that made it a comfortable experience for all of us. Chef Sahil Sabhlok has been a mentor throughout my stint with Taj.


HospiBuz: Please tell us about your work cycle at Marriott Hotels?

Chef Dalip Singh:- Every day is a new work day at the Marriott. Besides preparing meals with the utmost skill, I take the responsibility of ensuring the guests have the best of the experience. I, personally meet the guests in the restaurant to ensure they are being well taken care of and all their needs pertaining to everything in the hotel are met. In order to add a personal touch with the guests staying at the hotel, I often make it a point to visit the guest rooms with the food orders; which make it a delightful experience for the guests and also help me to get direct feedback about food in return from them.

HospiBuz: Tell us about your social life. How is your life outside the kitchen?

Chef Dalip Singh:- Being a part of the Marriott Family, makes me miss my family and friends a little less. At our leisure time, we go out together and spend quality time as a team. This helps me maintain a balance in life and keeps me going. The guests staying at the Marriott have also been a part of my extended Family.



HospiBuz: What is your take on the diminishing street food? Can it be preserved by bringing them to the restaurant platforms?

Chef Dalip Singh:- The restaurants these days are incorporating their food menus with Street food from different regions/countries. Sighting these dishes with eye-appealing presentations in the menus have become a common sight at the Bars and Lounges at most places. We, at Marriott, let our guests experience the Street food not only from India but from every part of the Globe through our live stations and menu selections. Guests visiting our hotel have the opportunity to experience a variety of street food like Roti Canai from Malaysia, Amritsari Kulchas from Punjab, Special Chats from Delhi, Hotdogs and Sliders from America, Shawarmas from the Middle East, Jerk chicken from Jamaica, Bhajiya, Pakoras, Wada Pav from Maharashtra and much more.

HospiBuz: One word for food? 

Chef Dalip Singh:- “Sustenance” Life without good food in any form is unimaginable and is mandatory for existence.




HospiBuz: What is the first thing that you do when you enter a kitchen?

Chef Dalip Singh:- My day begins in the kitchen by greeting my colleagues “Namaste”, Post which, I begin with the daily tasks such as Planning, procurement of resources, menu detailing, Training and food service etc.




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