The Pioneer of doing investment in Cloud Kitchens: Karan Tanna


Karan Tanna launches Ghost Kitchen Pvt Ltd with an investment of $3 million for Cloud kitchens. 

Restaurateur Karan Tanna, a person well known for his creative ideas is back with yet another great company. He has launched Ghost Kitchens Pvt Ltd, which is India’s first investment and incubation company for the startups in the cloud kitchen segment. The company will be investing in the pacing food delivery market in India. They will support the brands which are completely dedicated to home deliveries. 

The company will offer in-house cap[abilities of brand building, menu designing, warehousing, supply chain, marketing etc. The company plans a collection of $3 million for their first tranche. At first, they will be investing in 15 brands. Investment has already started in two cloud kitchens with 12 brands and is available in 50 locations. The company will be providing growth capital to the companies which are performing well in the home delivery market. Tanna plans on optimizing cost for the home delivery brands since the margin is low for them. Hence the company will be proving with raw material, supply chain support and kitchen premises. It will also help brands with marketing and administration. 

Ghost kitchens plan to scale up to 50 brands and 1000 internet restaurants within 3 years. It is currently shortlisting companies which are already running cloud kitchens with multiple brands. Diverse cuisines like Indian, Chinese, South Indian etc have a good scope in the market hence the company will be investing in them. Cloud kitchen is growing with a great speed in the worldwide market. Although the margins are thin, the company believes they can add value to it and scale up the brands. The company will be focusing on the brands which have the potential of catering in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. The aggregators which are operating in about 200 cities which definitely catch the interest of the company. 

The company is also keeping an option of special investment for the home chefs who wish to develop their brand for home delivery and scaleup.