The Rising Era of Indian Culinary Tourism


Secretary of Tourism, Shri Yogendra Tripathi talks about the potential that culinary tourism in India with Hospitality Lexis Magazine November Issue

Hospitality Lexis / Print Edition November 2019

 Secretary of Tourism Shri Yogendra Tripathi, IAS, enlightens the hospitality professionals about the extreme potential of culinary tourism in India. Tripathi says that the Ministry of Tourism has set rules for the arrival of foreign tourists in the country. Culinary Tourism will act as a harbinger as the foreign tourist arrival in the country has already crossed the mark of 10.5 million.

Tourism and food are interlinked. When a tourist comes to the country, he looks for services in travelling, food and stay and therefore all three are connected.  Tripathi believes that the country has a rich historical heritage which we boast and that heritage has a tremendous potential to promote tourism in India. The preferences of tourists are changing and now they are more inclined to the local culture and the local way of life and this is where food plays a major role in the tourism sector of the country. All this has given rise to a subset called culinary tourism. This way chefs become an important part of the culinary tourism in India. A tourist looks for complete satisfaction in a place and therefore both tourism and food has an important role to play. 

“Culinary tourism is both a challenge and an opportunity for the country. This tourism has great potential for the future.”

We as citizens of India find it difficult to tell what our food speciality is because of the diversity we have in our country. Being the Secretary of Tourism, he called it both a challenge as well as an opportunity. It has a large scope in tourism which we need to utilize and make India a beautiful destination in the world. 

The Government of India has always been supportive of the hospitality sector. Some way or the other Ministry of Tourism and the hospitality sector has been interlinked always. Government of India has always supported culinary tourism. To promote Indian food, the government tries its best to associate with International Food festivals and forums. 40 % of the IHM students are moving towards the food production sector as a whole and therefore it is an opportunity for the culinary tourism in India. Secretary of Tourism appreciated IFCA for their hard work and dedication from the last 10 years and invited them in the ongoing Parayatan Parv and ended his speech with the vote of thanks. 

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