The Spanish Chef Manuel Olveira Is Throwing An Exquisite Flavour Party, And The Vip Guest?The Black Winter Truffle


he Spanish Chef Manuel Olveira is aiming to turn anyone’s craving for exceptional flavours into a delectable reality with the launch of La Loca Maria’s enticing new Black Truffle Menu.

The black winter truffles, also named “La Trufa Negra”, which are served in this exquisite FESTIVE menu are sourced from Spain. Each truffle is found by a well-trained dog, and hand-selected by a truffle master to ensure the highest quality. 

The flavour of black truffle is rich, savoury and often described as umami, adding a luxurious and intense taste to dishes which enhances the overall depth and complexity of flavours, making them a much sought-after ingredient for a fine dining experience.

Elegantly prepared by Chef Manuel, it will showcase his extraordinary creative talent in working with the most delicate seasonal ingredients. The menu features six dishes with black truffle that will be offered on the full a-la-carte menu. 

Black Truffle Menu at La Loca Maria

Truffled Baked Brie black winter truffle with caramelized onions, spicy walnut brittle served with sourdough 

Norwegian Salmon Tartar dry aged salmon, black winter truffle, capers, cornichos 

Truffled Steak tartar crispy potato, steak, black winter truffle

Cacio e pepe Tartufo home-made spaghetti, pecorino romano, fresh grounded pepper, black winter truffle

Morels & Truffle risotto black winter truffle, wild mushrooms, stuffed morels 

Pollo Fricassee a La Trufa roasted chicken breast, vino Fino fricassee, black winter truffle

End your meal with an Apple Strawberry Cereal Dessert (baked apples, strawberries, milk chocolate cremieux, cereal ice cream). Rooted in the comforting flavours of childhood, this nostalgic treat is a playful twist on a classic cereal inspired dessert.

Elevating the dining experience, the festive drinks menu features craft cocktails to get patrons get right into the holiday spirit.

OH! Deer (Mezcal, bitter bianco, lavender, nectar, citrus) 

Santa’s secret stash (Whisky, salted caramel, espresso)

Just Beclause (Vodka, monte amaro, jasper’s mix, citrus)

Sip & Sleigh (Sour cherry gin, cherry liquor, martini fiero, sherry foam)

Boozy & Schoomzy (Reposado, tequila, Campari, passionfruit, citrus)

Junglebird Jingles (Rum, habanero, infused Aperol, pineapple, citrus) 

Chocnog (Rum, festive dairy concoction, spices). 

Date: 8th December 2023 to 15th January 2024 

Location: La Loca Maria, Fatima Villa, 29th road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai -400050

For Reservation: 9324404335

Timings: 12 PM to 3 PM & 7 PM to 12 AM /  TUESDAY – SUNDAY


La Loca Maria has risen above its humble beginnings as a neighbourhood restaurant to establish itself as a renowned culinary destination in the city. La Loca Maria” was born, with “la loca” translating to “the crazy,” paying homage to Chef Manuel Olveira’s mother, who ignited his passion for cooking from a young age.

Under the skillful leadership of Spanish Chef Manuel Olveira and his Indian wife Pratima (Mickee) Tuljapurkar, La Loca Maria has captivated diners with its Modern Spanish Cuisine and an equally enticing bar program. As guests step into our 75-seater restaurant, they are enveloped by a space that beautifully interprets Spanish architecture, combining modernity with a comforting touch. 

Our food philosophy is simple yet profound – we aim for guests to savour the essence of each ingredient, embracing the richness of simple yet robust flavours that showcase the quality of our produce, where exceptional taste reigns supreme. At our bar, we take immense pride in crafting every element of our drinks program in-house, with a focus on zero waste. From infusions, cordials, and syrups to bitters and tinctures, our drinks bear a unique La Loca Maria flavour and character that stem from the care and attention put into their preparation.