The two sides of a Chef’s Tale…..


HospiBuz Desk

It startled me when I saw a picture of a Chef sitting on a trash can in a hotel kitchen and eating a sandwich. It was so difficult for me to believe that a person who cooks endlessly for people sitting in fine dine restaurants, is himself sitting on a trash can to eat his food. No doubt, a chef’s profession is filled with glamour. They learn a lot, they get the experience of end number of cuisines, they explore different technologies and methods but also there are days when they are so busy in the kitchen that they get no clues about day and night or their meal skipped. They don’t get time to pay attention to the pain in their knees from standing all day long. The salt in their bruises no more causes pain and the continuous heat on their burn is ok for you. It is said that the rainbow shines after the storm and rain. This is the dark side of a chef’s life which he/she faces at times.

Let me tell you today the 7 dark secrets of a Chef’s profession!!!

Heat, hustle and heath issues

Hustle and bustle and continuous rising temperature in the kitchen but their passion for cooking grows along with it. They don’t complain about their physical pain nor do they take rest for a while. They are so indulged in their cooking that sometimes even their appetite forgets about a meal skipped. They face a lot of health issues when the work pressure is more than enough. At times there is so much to cook in the kitchen that the temperature goes extremely high.

Diverse menus, Strange working hours

Chefs usually work for longer hours. There are times when the hotel is booked for weddings or other function and the Chefs don’t get breaks in between. From morning to night they are on their toes cooking dishes and delicacies for their guests. Many times they manage midnight baking for the morning breakfast and late night dinners.

Addiction of Alcohol

Usage of alcohol and drugs in the kitchen have made many chefs addict to these things and this is a serious matter to be paid attention to. Excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs ruins their health. The effects are the same on their families.

It’s not just about Cooking

The hotel kitchens have a lot of machines and new technology which helps the chefs to cook in bulk and make their work easier. But the same hotel kitchens are not less than a machine sometimes, a machine with continuous pressure and no relaxation. In certain cases, their working hours are longer than the usual time.

Diversity is Guest Taste Palates

Different taste preferences of diverse people are not less than a challenge for them. We have seen chefs cooking and presenting their dishes but we have never noticed their hard work for the dish and the hardships that they face at times in the kitchen. Understanding and customizing each dish as per allergies, spice preferences, one missing ingredient etc.

Celebrations mean extra Work

Chefs really don’t get to celebrate the festivals with their families. For others, the festivals are a matter of vacation and enjoyment but for the chef, it’s a matter of overtime and hard work.

Missing meals while ensuring food preparations

There are the times when their lunch ends in minutes. They cook delectables for others but they end up eating a sandwich or a bread in one go while sitting on a trash can, on the floor or beside the sink.