Thinkin’Birds run Brand recall campaigns for their F&B Clients amidst Covid-19 lockdown


The food and beverage is one of the sectors which has been hit real hard by this global pandemic. To combat the novel Covid-19, many restaurants had to shut down their businesses, post the declaration of a complete lock-down by Narendra Modi, the honorable Prime Minister of India. Wherein this shutdown was the need of the hour, it was like a jolt for the restaurants,
cloud kitchens, QSR formats, fine-diners and hotels & Conventions. With no walk-ins and online orders, it has become very difficult to sustain the current situation, as the income is blocked but expenses aren’t. Another dilemma the restaurant owners are in, is the brand connection with
their customers.

To sustain which, Central India’s renowned Branding & Design Consultants, Thinkin’Birds Communications, has designed social media campaigns for its F&B clients. Thinkin’Birds is known to execute conceptual and successful campaigns, which have not only gone viral but also have been immensely appreciated by the netizens. With the quarantine period giving everyone so much free time at home, people are seen spending double the time on various social media platforms. Owing to which, Thinkin’Birds devised a way of staying connected to the customers of their Brands they cater to, with interesting stories on Instagram and Facebook.
Banking on nostalgia, bollywood music, interactive polls, interesting puzzles, fun facts, they designed online campaigns resonating with the brand identity of their clients. Of which, the “missing you too” campaigns consisting of throwback memories of the customers went viral and were very well received and appreciated. Amongst these brands were the popular Bouffage Cafe & Bistro, the legendary Checkers Restaurant and the likes.

Thinkin’Birds’ efforts to keep the audience engaged online by ensuring regular interaction with the brand was indeed successful. With some of the restaurants operating via home deliveries only, campaigns focusing on contact-free delivery gave people the much needed assurance
about their food safety. All their concepts revolved in and around the Corona Virus pandemic and how precautionary measures are taken while delivering the food. Through these online campaigns, Thinkin’Birds made sure the audience stayed connected to their favorite food brands. Through moment marketing, they not only made the audience crave for their favorite food but also in order to counter it, they shared recipes of the same, so that the audience can still savour them while quarantined at home. A lot of people are taking to cooking in this free time, Thinkin’birds just cashed in on the same and stole the show.

Bhavik Mehta, the Brand Chief at Thinkin’Birds says, “The purpose of a campaign is to market through clear communication and it only happens when you ‘think of the recipient’. In other words, understanding what a customer would pay attention to, based on what the current situation is and how it affects the customers we’re trying to target. That’s one of our key mottos here at Thinkin’Birds.”

Anshul Jaiswal, Founder at Bouffage Cafe & Bistro, believes that it’s very important to stay connected with the customers and help them cope up with quarantining at home. “We’ve collaborated with Thinkin’Birds from the day we conceptualized Bouffage Café’ & Bistro for branding and outreach, so our relationship is based on trust. We here at Bouffage Café, trust in Thinkin’Birds to stay connected with our customers through this tough period that we’re going through”, he adds.

Suresh Shivdasani of Checkers Restaurant evocating a similar response says, “The people at Thinkin’Birds know the market and they know their work. They are the best at what they do, which is creating and executing effective and engaging brand outreach campaigns.”
The constant activities by Thinkin’Birds on social media gave customer engagement, the necessary push Brands needed. This also gave a sigh of relief to the food brand owners, reassuring them that their customers haven’t forgotten them and are actively taking part in their
campaigns amidst the corona virus crisis. It might be easier for the restaurant owners to bounce back post the lock-down as, Thinkin’Birds is working on building great amounts of brand equity by being in sync with how their customers are feeling or thinking.