This Diwali, Indulge in Guilt-free Snacking with Nut Normal


To add to Nut Normal’s range of Healthy, Flavourful Roasted nuts that are Gluten Free, Keto-Friendly, and Organic, the brand has introduced three new flavors to the mix, just in time for the festive season. These bite-sized snacks are the perfect accompaniment on the go, compliment alcoholic beverages, and also make for the perfect tea-time snack. Formulated to a more modern palate, the new flavors- Spicy Peru Raisins, Garlic Cashews, and Salsa Cashews pack a punch with every bite. 

  • Spicy Peru Raisins: A perfect blend of sweet and spicy that will bring back your childhood memories
  • Garlic Cashew: Nut Normal captures the beautiful aroma, exact flavour and essence of sautéed garlic in this combination of garlic and cashews which is truly a match made in heaven! 
  • Salsa Cashew: Your perfect midnight munching partner with a twist of all things tangy

Let your palette burst with flavours as you enjoy the festivities. Also, the ideal option for gifting to those who are always on the lookout for guilt-free snacking options. 


  • Spicy Peru Raisins – Rs 150
  • Garlic Cashew – Rs 200
  • Salsa Cashew – Rs 200

Availability: Available for purchase at Out Of The Blue, Mumbai.
Contact: +91 99205 90888