This Wedding Season, lets celebrate with gift hampers from Octavius Tea


The “wedding” fever is here! As India commences its favourite festival, the celebration of two souls becoming one, it’s time to bring a “tasty twist” to those age old nuptial gifts.

Blending the most colourful of flavours with high quality ingredients, Octavius Tea serves as the perfect brand for a newlywed couple to bring home! Their irresistible concoctions and healthy range of choices will surely spark a smile on the faces of the to-be hubby and wife.

Here’s a look at what Octavius has in store for marriage mania with their Heritage of India – Couples Delight collection:

●        Pure Green Tea (75 GRAMS): The wise ones always say “health is wealth”, so what better wedding gift would there be than a tantalising yet wholesome offering of Green tea that keeps you fit on the outside and clean on the inside!

●        Cinnamon Anise Green Tea (75 GRAMS): This one’s for the quirky couple that craves for all things unique. The sublime magic of green tea, the vitamin rich properties of Star Anise, and the healing essence of Cinnamon, all wrapped up in a tangy beverage.

●        Double Wall Glass (250ml- 2 pieces): A terrific duo for an even more terrific duo! A pair of glasses that not only showcase exquisite artistry with their premium finish, but also boast of “anti burn” properties so that you can enjoy your favorite brew while it is piping hot and not wait for the glass to get cooler! So, while the nation grooves to the “Shaadi tune”, let’s give the “dulha” and “dulhan” another reason to shake a leg, with Octavius Tea’s exclusive range for couples.