Tickle your taste buds with Fish and Prawn Pickled Masalas from Somey’s Kitchen


Pickle tested, mother approved~ The Surrealist

Bengaluru,  The traditional home-made pickled masalas at Somey’s Kitchen spell a blend of taste, tang & aroma. The appetizing range of Prawn and Fish Pickled Masalas are the first of its kind and all set to satiate the Indian palate with its unique flavours.


Inspired by the essence of Kerala, the range was made by Somey Samuel, a believer of love being the secret behind every recipe. Somey’s Kitchen is a big hit with Indian’s residing in the UK. The brand now wants to bring the flavours home. The brand under the watchful guidance of Sandy (Eldest Daughter) & Joel (Son-in-law), has tied up with large modern retail chains in India.

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The pickled masalas are ready to eat and contains healthy and probiotic spices making a versatile side dish that can be consumed with Rice & Curry, Fried Rice, Bread or Potato’s and many other ways. The spices are preserved naturally to maintain its authenticity.

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Somey’s Kitchen has also expanded their product range to include Chicken Pickled Masala’s and a wide-variety of Indian Breads category such as traditional whole-wheat, organic and gluten free chapatis and Poori’s.The company aspires to launch new products every 3-6 months.

About Somey’s Kitchen:

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Somey’s Kitchen was a dream started in London, U.K., taking ahead a family tradition of home cooking by Mrs. Somey Samuel so 50% of the profits from this company can be used to sown into transforming lives in India and around the world. Sandy Samuel Jerome, daughter of Mrs. Somey, and Joel Jerome, her son-in-law, first got the idea for incorporating the company when they saw a phenomenal response to the range of non-veg and seafood pickled masalas made by Sandy’s mother (Mrs Somey Samuel). Somey’s Kitchen aims to be one of the leading company’s globally in bringing niche and specialty food and be a pioneer in launching new products that does not exist in the market. The company also aims to create a successful business on the intersection between four pillars – Great Tasting Food, Value for Money, Healthy Living and Transforming Lives of Less Fortunate.

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Price Points and availability: Prawn Pickled Masala is INR 250 Chicken and Fish is INR 240

Log on to : http://www.someyskitchen.com/#start

Also Available at Big Basket, Nature’s Basket, Star Bazaar and Big Bazaar (Gen Nex Stores) across Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore