Tingling the Indian Sweets


Chef Swasti Aggarwal Culinary Strategist, Foodhall share her valuable inputs to Hospitality Lexis Magazine on the Story Bakery with Mithai.

Hospitality Lexis / Print Edition November 2019

“Flavours like ilaichi and saffron and even khoya add a lot of nuance to dishes” Mithai cakes are very unique yet cater to the Indian palate. Dry fruits, khoya, saffron and other grains add a different dimension to the way we see cakes. A mithai cake can be cut on a birthday and can be a great alternative to a regular cake and can satisfy the craving of dessert and tingle the Indian sweet lover’s taste buds.

Baked cheesecakes can have besan laddoo as its crust and saffron and fried fruits folded in! We provide our own version of Besan Laddoo Cheesecake at Bustaan, the in-house dry fruits and mithai brand at Foodhall. Caramelized nuts on shortbread biscuits are a great blend of Indian and French pastry and taste delicious together.

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