Travel Camping Startup Moonstone Hammock launches its third campsite at Alibaug


Mumbai, 24th January 2022: Moonstone Hammock, a travel camping startup and a  pioneer of Glamping in Mumbai has launched its third campsite in Alibaug, Raigad  district, Maharashtra. Launched in 2016, Moonstone Hammock today has three  campsites in Maharashtra – Karjat and Pawna and Alibaug. The new campsite consists of  13 glamping tents and 10 ground tents which are spread over about 3 acres of lush  lands and situated only 96 kms from Mumbai and 143 kms from Pune. The ideal way to  reach here is from Gateway of India and take a ferry, RORO to Mandwa.  

The new campsite, like the previous lot, will be offering camping enthusiasts a novel  opportunity to camp in the midst of nature whilst making the most out of the luxurious  amenities. These amenities comprise stunning interiors, comfy furniture, attached  restrooms and dreamy décor that complements the raw and rustic theme of the  glamping and camping tents here, rightly named as ‘Beach Coves’ & ‘Cocohuts’. 

The integration of nature’s simplicity with harmless luxury makes it ideal for people  seeking a getaway that gives campers a breath of fresh air without having to get out of  their comfort zone. The joy of all joys is the location this campsite is created at just 250  meters from the Beach. With cozy spaces for quality tête-à-tête and board games to  play, this campsite offers an off-screen time in abundance which is further enlivened  with various other things to do like walk on the beach, a dip in the sea, Frisbee at the  shore & a star-studded sky. Another key highlight of the campsite is the Buddha Café Restaurant that offers delectable food and beverages from an ala carte menu that  consists of various cuisines that can be enjoyed by both campers and walk-in guests.  

As for pandemic precautions, Moonstone Hammock claims to take complete ownership  in creating a safe and hygienic space for campers. Along with regular sanitization of  common areas and daily disinfection of tents, the campsite is also equipped with masks,  gloves and temperature guns.  

” We are extremely delighted to launch our  new camp at Alibaug. Alibaug is a beautiful, coastal town with rich culture and breath taking nature so close to Mumbai. With our latest amenities, we offer our guests a fun filled and adventurous camping experience that truly redefines their camping  experience”. Additionally, he states, “Moonstone Hammock aims to strengthen our  footing in the market and are looking at growing our base by 80% in the next one year.”

Mr. Pradeep Singh Choudhary,  Co-founder, Moonstone Hammock

About Moonstone Hammock: 

Moonstone Hammock, a travel camping startup, was founded by Megh Doshi, Pradeep  Singh Choudhary, Rohit Dube, Abhishek Dabholkar and Pratik Jain, in January 2016.  Moonstone Hammock is a stunning campsite that offers camping, glamping and a one of-a-kind adventure tourism experience to campers across India. The camps offer  various activities and experiences like kayaking, barbecues in the open, movie  screenings under the stars, outdoor games, bonfires, access to swimming pool, live  music and interactive workshops. It even has its own café with a section for a library  and board games. They are currently located in three places Shelu in Karjat, Thakursai  in Pawna and Awas in Alibaug.