Travelling = Happiness


~This International Day of Happiness (20th March 2020), SOTC Travel lists ways travelling can bring joy~

India is an extremely diversified travel market, with immense potential for the growth of the sector. Today, travel is no longer a luxury, but more of a non-negotiable necessity, with more and more Indians eager to travel due to aspirations, increased global exposure and immersive holiday experiences.

The New age traveller now ranks travel as a priority in investment. According to the SOTC India Holiday Report (IHR), 59% of Indians take at least one international holiday and 92% take at least one domestic holiday annually. There has been a significant shift in holiday behaviour over the past decade where long holidays during breaks were the norm. Today, travellers take any and every chance to set out on vacation, prompting the rise of short-haul breaks. The popularity for them can be clearly observed as 53% of Gen Z, 59% of Gen Y, 50% of Gen X and32% of senior citizen travellers opt for short breaks.

While the choice of destination remains the biggest holiday influencer, Indians are going above and beyond to explore everything from the local culture and traditions, the cuisines, hidden spots and more to make their holiday more meaningful. There are a number of things that bring happiness while travelling. SOTC Travel lists them as follows:

Eliminating stress:

Holidays offer a great opportunity for travellers to unwind, and find peace, away from the hustle of their daily lives. There are a number of activities that travellers can explore on their holiday, like visiting spas and wellness centres, going for a vipasana course, getting massages, exploring saunas, hot springs and more for a relaxing time.

Finding adventure:

Adventure brings thrill and happiness to people and has many different forms in different destinations. While on holiday, travellers can enjoy a range of thrilling activities that include hiking, dirt biking, ATV riding, bobsledding, skiing, white water rafting, sky diving, parasailing and more. Travellers can also explore novelties like hot air balloons, cruises and helicopter rides to enjoy their holiday in a different way.

Re-discovering history:

History is truly fascinating and there are many spots all over the world where significant moments have taken place. For many travellers, exploring these spots makes them feel like they’re becoming a part of that momentous occasion. Many travellers have begun taking private guided tours in historic destinations, as they can take in the majesty of the monument at their own convenience.

Eco or sustainable tourism:

Sustainability has become the need of the hour and travellers have also taken note. Many travellers now find joy in eco or sustainable tourism, as it helps them feel like they are giving back to the community. Those exploring this segment of holidays enjoy activities that teach them more about the preservation of the environment they are living in. Through this, they go back to their roots and try their hand at ecological practices that help make earth a better place.

Exploring different types of accommodation:

Holidays give travellers a chance to change the way they live – if only for a short while. These days, travellers are opting for different types of accommodations, to give their holidays a truly unique flavour. The new category of dwelling includes everything from luxury castle stays and houseboats to youth hostels, homestays and more.

Learning new skills:

Today, travellers find joy in exploring every city they are in, embracing the culture and traditions of the destination in view of learning something new and meaningful. Many travellers do this by way of taking local workshops and classes, to learn skills that are native to the place. This includes taking classes on local dance forms, native art techniques, martial arts, traditional cuisines and more.