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Hospitality Lexis had a conversation with Mr. Sid Mathur, Founder & Director, Khoya Mithai to know about the comeback of Mithai in Indian weddings

Hospitality Lexis/ Print edition December 2019 

Indian festivities are highly dependent on sweets. We just cannot suffice without them. Sweets play an equally important role in our weddings. The Indian Mithai these days are nothing like they were before. They have evolved to another level. Even now they are equally important to us, as they are now tastier, healthier and highly customizable. Hospitality Lexis has brought to you the trendsetter of traditional Indian Mithai. 

Khoya Mitha, a well-known name in India. The sweet tooth craving for their Mithais is not the ordinary ones. They provide their services to top industrialists, businessmen and Bollywood celebrities. They provide their service in Koffee with Karan and they have served for hi-fi weddings like that of Isha Ambani. Let’s see what they have to say about the trends in weddings. 

“Signature boxes you see the most often, with the ‘Jari/Chandi’ work is something super traditional. We have done 9 months of research on traditional mithai, recipes, ingredients process to understand that how people are using ingredients in mithai & we started recreating that, so our boxes match that sort of culture faraway.”

Mithai was losing its importance in India. Khoya Mithai has brought it back. 

“People don’t give mithai probably because there is no benchmark for quality, assurance, hygiene. People are embarrassed about giving mithai and that’s what we wanted to change. If you even visit high profile halwai & it looks like a fish market. We did everything handmade, we created beautiful boxes that is something people were looking for and now there are lots and lots of people are giving Khoya mithai with their wedding invitation.”

The most interesting part of Khoya Mithai is that Ambanis’ were searching for them. A must-read story…

“We were part of the coffee with Karan gift hampers and once Abhishek Bachhan won the gift hampers in the show and took it home. He told his mother Mrs Jaya Bachhan that you must try this mithai and she really liked it.

She called Neeta Ambani to ask if she has tasted the khoya mithai. Neeta Ambani called Sanjeev Khosla and asked if he can find out this company? Sanjeev said I know this guy as earlier we have ordered mithai from him. That is how we were selected for Isha Ambani’s wedding. Chef Ritu Dalmia said we can make this happen. All the mithais used for the pooja and other functions of Isha Ambani was done by us.”