UNOX Launches the Most Advanced Combi Ovens Ever


With the release of the CHEFTOP-X™ and BAKERTOP-X™, the interaction between a chef and their equipment just became more efficient than ever

India, 26th July 2023— At the forefront of innovative and sustainable professional oven design and manufacture, UNOX, has launched their brand-new flagships in their already impressive line of professional combi ovens. The Italian-based company believes this new generation of ovens will set a new standard in terms of both performance and user-machine interaction in professional kitchens.

‘We worked on each aspect with the aim of creating the best combi ovens ever. The project of the new CHEFTOP-X™ and BAKERTOP-X™ ovens lasted 3 years and involved 50 people including engineers, physicists, chemists, and chefs. We were inspired by our smartphones, the most advanced devices we interact with every day. The ones which define our expectations in terms of user experience. The Digital.ID™ OS brings the same versatility of a smartphone to Unox ovens: a fast, intuitive, and customisable interface with hyper-connection functions enhanced by AI.’ says Nicola Michelon, CEO of UNOX, S.p.A.

One oven, two designs, easy control. The CHEFTOP-X™ is the perfect oven for gastronomy use while BAKERTOP-X™ is devised specifically for bakeries and pastry shops. Every professional has their own secrets and tastes. CHEFTOP-X™ and BAKERTOP-X™ know how to adapt to their preferences, hence they ask for the chefs’ feedback after each cooking process so as to improve and align their cooking performance to professionals’ expectations day by day. There’s more, they are equipped with state-of-the-art technology including HEY.Unox with which chefs can voice operate their ovens or the brand-new OPTIC.Cooking accessory which allows operators to simply insert the food, and let the oven visually recognise it and start the correct program.

The new Unox combi ovens have been designed with the goal of minimising their environmental impact, both during production and especially when in use. They are completed with smart functions such as SMART.Energy capable of reducing and optimising consumptions and CO2 emissions at all times, even when the oven is running empty. Moreover, they provide personalised suggestions to users to be greener while cooking, for example by warning them if the door has been open for too long. Their insulation technology has also been improved to further limit heat loss and thus make CHEFTOP-X™ and BAKERTOP-X™ the most efficient equipment a kitchen can have.

The list of improvements is long: their STEAM.Maxi™ steam production system has a 22 l/sec capacity while the DRY.Maxi™ humidity removal system an impressive 45 m³/h. The ovens are quicker than ever and can produce air which flows up to 250 km/h. Finally, a handheld shower kit has been added to the ovens to make them even more practical, meaning these ovens are more advanced than anything Unox has ever produced in the past.


Founded in Padua, Italy in 1990, with a consolidated revenue of 280 million euros in 2022 and constantly growing, UNOX S.p.A. designs, produces and sells high-performance professional ovens for the food service, retail, pastry, and bakery sectors. UNOX creates intelligent technology and applies it to professional cooking processes to support people and businesses who face the challenge of building their everyday success. Over the years the company, whose production plants and headquarters are based in Cadoneghe (Padua), has become the world’s leading manufacturer of professional ovens for the number of sold units and ENERGY STAR-certified ovens. It is active with its own offices and commercial branches in 44 nations and its products are distributed in more than 110 countries. The UNOX team consists of more than 1,100 people, more than 40% of whom are based outside Italy. More than 100 professionals – physicists, mechanical, chemical, and aerospace engineers – are engaged in research and development with the aim of developing intelligent technology suitable for more efficient, repeatable and sustainable cooking processes. More than 300 professionals are involved in customer service to ensure the same experience for every customer, wherever they operate in the world. UNOX Corporate Chefs support and advise customers on the use of the oven while UNOX consultants help them optimise their cooking processes, and technicians ensure impeccable and punctual on-site assistance.