Use of liquid nitrogen in food prohibited


In the wake of reports that the consumption of liquid nitrogen has created health issues, the food safety department has issued an order prohibiting its use in food products.

Food safety commissioner M G Rajamanickam has prohibited use of liquid nitrogen for preparation of ice creams, cold drinks and other cold foods under section 30 (2)(a) of food safety and standards act 2006.

“The commissioner of food safety has noted that certain food business operators in different parts of Kerala are using liquid nitrogen for the preparation of ice creams, cool drinks and other types of cold food. Even though nitrogen is an inert gas, not harmful to human body, liquid nitrogen in a temperature of -196 degree Celsius is unsafe, if not handled properly and if happen to consume with the product with which it is prepared,” the order said.

The prohibition is for one year or until the completion of risk analysis by experts of FSSAI or state government and clearing the product as safe for human consumption.