Vanilla Pannacotta at Hotel Sahara Star


Ingredients Quantity

Heavy cream 500 ml

Castor Sugar 60 grams

Vanilla pod 1 bean

Gelatin 8 grams

Mango Agar

Mango Puree 250 ml

Castor sugar 30 grams

Agar agar 2 grams


Bloom the gelatin in ice cold water.

Bring the cream, sugar and vanilla pod in a pan to boil.

Let it sit for few hours to infuse.

Bring it again to boil.

Add the gelatin and strain the mix.

Set aside to cool.

Pour onto bowl and refrigerate to set.

Scoop the centre and place the passion agar.

Mango agar

Bring all the ingredients in a pan to boil.

Pour the mixture onto the mould and allow to set aside.