Virat Kohli’s first choice for One8 Aerocity – Chef Pawan Bisht


HospiBuz: Chef, you have been working in this Industry for the last 10 years. Please tell us how much evolution you have seen in this Industry?

Chef Pawan Bisht:- I have been working in this industry since 2007 and I think the industry has evolved a lot from what it was back then. The biggest change has been the growth of the restaurant industry as earlier it was only hotels that dominated the market. Now you have any and every cuisine available in the industry because of good restaurants that give great food and ambience at affordable pricing. Another big change is the celebration of local and seasonal produce which was not the case earlier.

HospiBuz: Please, give us some insights into a Chef’s life for the people who aspire to become a Chef?

Chef Pawan Bisht:- If you aspire to become a chef be prepared for the long hours of physical work, you have to be mentally strong as the work is both physically and mentally exhausting and challenging. Keep reading, keep researching, keep exploring and never look at your watch. Also, remember to keep your basics very strong as its only strong basics that will keep you sustained in this industry. Never give up.

HospiBuz: You are born and brought up in Ramnagar (Nainital). Which is the one traditional dish which inspires you for cooking?

Chef Pawan Bisht:-There are so many dishes and cooking methods, ingredients which are only found in Uttrakhand inspires me for cooking But the thing which inspires me the most is the style of my mom’s cooking. She keeps on cooking via different mediums and method like a traditional stove, cow dung gas, hot stones, L.P.G. etc. One day on asking she said you just need a medium of heat to cook food as a good cook or chef you should know how to control the heat and that’s what inspires me the most.

HospiBuz: How is your life as a Chef in a restaurant?

Chef Pawan Bisht:- I have to remain focused all the time because each and every dish is important for me. A lot of research goes on when you work in a restaurant because trends keep changing after a certain period. Also, my profession allows me to meet and go to new places and through that, I learn new cuisines, taste and ingredients because every place has its own culture, speciality which inspires me to do something new.

HospiBuz: You have been a Chef in High-End bar too. Please tell us how do you manage to match the cuisine with the drinks?

Chef Pawan Bisht:- I usually base my food and drinks on a similar concept and follow that concept for both food and drinks. And when it’s bar food I make sure it’s always sharing plates that are easy and clutter free to eat along with drinks. I also take inspiration from street food around the world for the salone.

HospiBuz: You are soon launching One8 Aerocity which is the brand of Virat Kohli. Please tell us something about this new opening?

Chef Pawan Bisht:- One8 Aerocity will focus on good music, great ambience and world cuisine. its menu will consist of pre-independence dishes of India, healthy food section and keto diet food. Virat himself gave us a few inputs on the food and cuisine which he explored while he travelled to different places. 

HospiBuz: In a bar, alcohol has high selling capacity and people prefer eating bite-sized munchies along with alcohol and this increases the sales in a Bar. Please give us some insights about this strategy of Bars?

Chef Pawan Bisht:- While drinking people prefer to take small bites of the food and that’s how tapas, mezze, canapés play a vital role in a food menu of Bar. People can easily share these platters, can have multiple varieties at the same time, easy to eat, pairs really well with different kinds of alcohol and goes easy on the digestive system. I think these points attract the customer towards the bite-size food due to which they end up having both bite size food and alcohol.

HospiBuz: Chefs are forced to reduce the food purchasing in a bar due to the low selling capacity of food as compared to alcohol. Please tell us how difficult it is to curate food with alcohols and that too in low budgets?

Chef Pawan Bisht:- I haven’t ever faced that as in my restaurants the food has to be just as much a factor of sale as alcohol and I strongly believe that good food makes people come back for more.

HospiBuz: Which is the one ingredient if absent would make your kitchen incomplete?

Chef Pawan Bisht:- Salt

HospiBuz: What is your Success Mantra?

Chef Pawan Bisht:- work hard, stay focused and never give up.

HospiBuz: What is the first thing that you do when you enter the Kitchen?

Chef Pawan Bisht:- Check the hygiene and cleaning of the kitchen and then mise en place.