Watconnect’ Series From World Architecture Travel (Wat) To Organize One Curated Trip Every Month


World Architecture Travel is an exclusive gateway devoted to exploration in the fields of architecture, art and culture celebrating mastery from around the world through guided architectural travel curated by distinguished architects and professionals. Apart from the curated journeys to around 40 locations worldwide, WAT has organised The Master Class Series – a set of workshops and seminars focused on stimulating the dialogue around architecture, art, design and culture within the fraternity.

WATconnect is yet another initiative of World Architecture Travel. WATconnect organises one curated trip every month to different locations for an architecturally explored travel experience. WATconnect aims to enhance professionalism and develop inbound architecture tourism through its refined travel and connections. As a strong step to initiate a dialogue on contemporary practices across India, this will be a programme to compile and explore the post-independent architectural scenario with a strong focus on how it reacts to a different culture, people and climate in the evolution of India. The programme aims to travel through 12 different Indian cities in 12 months with different groups of architecture enthusiasts and with different curators in each city.

WATconnect is designed as an exclusive platform for selected architects and architecture enthusiasts to connect with each other on a national as well as international level. The team includes a selected group from the architect, curator, and student fraternity respectively who will be guided to the architecture practices of the prominent and young architects in order to explore their design methodologies and work strategies as well as visit their design projects to draw a clearer understanding. “WATconnect intends to take participants through the minds behind the growing architectural developments to bond, share work culture and design methodologies and brainstorm,” says Brijesh Shaijal, Founder, World Architecture Travel.

WATconnect is ready and is set on track with its first trip organised at Cochin, Kerala in the year 2020 on January 31, February 1 and February 2. Cochin has given birth to nationally and internationally renowned architects and architecture practices that stand in the forefront of design today and WATconnect intends to take you through the minds behind the growing architectural developments to share and brainstorm ideas about design, art and architecture.

Participants of WATconnect Cochin include photographer – Andre J. Fanthome, architects Quaid Doongerwala, Bijoy Ramachandran, Sunitha Kondur, Kushroo Irani and many more from practices all over India. In Cochin, the tour will be curated by Architects, Raj Menon and Jills Philip and the team will be taking a tour through the work of notable architects Krishnan Varma, Jacob George, Jayadev, Roy Antony, Peter Gast, Ramesh J Tarakan, Sebastian Jose, and Cyril Paul.

The trip involves a visit to the Cochin showroom of ABC Emporio, to get a taste of the variety of products and services they provide. WATconnect is designed as a stepping stone for future initiatives and collaborations, and the trip will culminate with an exclusive session to review the travel, critique of the WATconnect x Cochin Experience.