We Indians love our Mithais


Pastry Chef Ruhee Bhimani, Cocoa Cottage exclusive coverage in magazine Hospitality Lexis

Hospitality Lexis / Print Edition November 2019

“As time passed by, our mithais were gradually replaced with cakes, chocolates and modern desserts” I remember my grandparents narrating stories where they would make home-made mithais using desi ghee, jaggery and different grain flours for any occasion or celebration. These mithais were wholesome and nutritious.

Nowadays no occasion is complete without a cake. I believe we have created tradition fusion with a modern twist to help bridge this gap. It’s also exciting and challenging for chefs to create different flavour profiles and innovate new desserts, cookies and cakes! It’s all about going back to the roots! Pastry chefs are now making healthy cakes using natural sweeteners, gluten-free flours, nuts, seeds and using more smarter and nutritious options”.

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