Wear Your Facades!!!


HospiBuz Desk

Masquerade Ball took birth in the 15th century. At that time these parties were organized for the Royals where they were supposed to come in formal attires wearing masks. Masquerade Balls add a hint of mystery to the party which is really very exciting for most people. Masquerades can be organized for Proms, Graduation ceremony, New Year’s Eve or any other special occasions. Masquerades are fun when organized in a proper way. Here are few ideas on how to organize a Masquerade Ball.

Invitation Card

You can design your own invitation cards for a Masquerade Ball. You can cut them in the shape of eye masks and decorate them with sequence, glitters, feathers etc. you can choose the colour of invitation cards according to your theme.

Theme and Decor

You can decorate the walls of your venue with masks.you can hang them on the walls and place them on the tables as a centrepiece. You can choose themes like black and gold. So many colours are not recommended for a masquerade. For adding elegance, drape fabrics from the ceiling and let them cascade down around the room. Use velvet ribbons to cover the entrance, pillars, staircase etc.

Lighting and Music

A masquerade party should have a dark and mysterious atmosphere. Dim lights are recommended to create a perfect ambience. Candles on tables can be used to create dim lights but make sure to use led candles. Hanging lanterns is a good idea and try to bring the light focus on the dance floor. Talking about music, plan to play good piano music and jazz numbers. Suspense kind of music and mysterious songs can also be played.


A costume is the most exciting element in a Masquerade ball. People wear beautiful dresses and they get a chance to come in a different persona and hide their true identities. The best thing about a Masquerade attire is that you can be as low key or as flamboyant as you want. You can go either sparkly with sequins or with a simple plain dress and a mask, you’ll look equally good. Do arrange extra masks for the guest who come without one.


Finger foods are preferable in a Masquerade ball. Difficult to eat food can be a problem for them.you don’t want your guests to remove their masks and get distracted by their food. Plan small canapes and mini desserts for your guests. Make sure to keep the Italian cuisine because it goes well with the masquerade. Salads with Mozzarella and seafood options serve well. Champagne can be served with Strawberries and Wine with Cheese and Crackers. Chocolate mousse is a good dessert option.

Organize a Masquerade Ball and live in a mysterious fantasy.