What does the FORK say!


HospiBuz Desk

Ever been to that formal party where you have to handle an array of cutlery chests. Forks of all shapes and sizes, and they all seem so futile. There are many types of forks used in a formal dining. All of them TRULY MEAN SOMETHING. Let’s have a look at some of the popular folks that you will surely witness in a formal meal setting. Never forget this!-forks are set to the left side of the dinner plate, in the order of use, with the oyster folk as the exception.

Your left hand is for forks and the right one for spoons and knives.ALWAYS!

Salad fork

Salad forks are amongst the most common forks in the market. It is a four-pronged wide fork, which is generally employed to cut the edges of vegetables. If the salad is served first, then the salad fork will be kept closest to the dinner plate.

Fish fork

It is generally paired with a fish knife. The fish knife has a notch to separate the fish bones. Fish fork simplifies the cleaning of the fish, making it easier to eat. However, the fish knife is not required when the fish served is soft and tender.

Dinner fork

The dinner fork is the most popular fork. The dinner fork is usually the longest in the tableware. The fork has 4 prongs of equal length, used for the main course. However, it can be of various sizes. It is also called as the table fork. The dinner fork is designed to consume a wide variety of meals.

Dessert fork

Also called as pastry fork or the pie fork, it is slightly smaller than the salad fork. It consists of 3 or 4 tines. The left tine is generally larger than other, with a flattened edge. Why so? because this allows the user, to hold the plate in one hand, and cut through the pastry, pie or any other dessert with the left edge. It can be placed above the dinner plate or can be brought along with the dessert.

Oyster Fork

This fork has 2 tines and is generally used to pick up the seafood. It is also known as the cocktail fork. Oyster fork makes it easy to manage oysters, shrimp, lobster or shellfish. It is the only fork that is kept on the right side of the table.

Toasting fork

A toasting fork is used to hold the meat over burning flame. The handle of the fork is really long for precautionary reasons. It generally consists of 2 tines. In present times 3 tines toasting forks are also available in the market. These forks are really useful for grilling.

Cocktail fork

Cocktail forks are specifically designed to handle the garnishes. If you are served any drink, then the cocktail fork is your friend, any edible component in your drink such as olives and grapes can be neatly picked out from this fork.


It is a combination of a spoon and a fork.it is an interesting utensil and is also very convenient. It lets the user, poke in the food with the prongs, and make a  spoonful bite at the same time. It is quite useful in certain situations. However, many are not in favour of a spork.

Barbeque fork

Barbeque fork, also known as carving folk comprises of 2 tines. It is a perfect tool for getting the meat from the skewer. Often the tines are slightly curved, making it easier for the user to lift the food. With this folk, it is easy to carve out bigger pieces if the meat as well.

Spaghetti fork

Spaghetti fork is specially designed to eat pasta.the fork has 3 tines with little ridges, allowing the pasta to twirl around the edges. However, it is not that famous, but it makes, eating pasta varieties much more fun.

So next time, if you are in this”so many fork situation”.You know what to do!