When you are a chef , every dish is your favourite: Chef Nellu Kaura


HospiBuz:- What inspired you to become a chef?

Chef Nellu Kaura:- My husband , my family is my biggest strength. They supported me and motivated me at every level. Whatever I am today is all because of them. They appreciated me whenever I tried something new. This helped me in stepping into the field of culinary. It is said that a wife can easily impress her husband if she has that magic of cooking in her hands but I think that a Chef can bring smile on many faces. And Mrs Rajni Bector (Director of Cremica) is one of my biggest role models who always inspired me to do something in life as she herself started the venture from her Kitchen. She made ice creams which everyone liked. Slowly and gradually , she touched the sky of success. And I always want to instill the same passion , dedication she has towards her work. Give your best to Receive the best.

HospiBuz:- What is the best part of being a chef?

Chef Nellu Kaura:- A chef is the one who can change anyone’s mood easily with the game of flavors. Being a chef , I find it very easy to bring a smile on everyone’s face at home. It helps me to rejuvenate all from the monotonous routine they had all they long. Doing innovations in the traditional food helped me alot in providing all the essential nutrients to my kids. Even now as they are grown ups , I still try to make healthy food by giving some twists in the recipes. It gives me a motherly satisfaction and in return I get to see their happy faces and alot of appreciation which helps me in keep going.

HospiBuz:- Share about chef Kala with our readers.

Chef Nellu Kaura:- Chef Kala’s main aim is to provide maximum and correct information to people regarding the culinary field. To solve the queries and guide them in a right direction is also one of the motives. It has a great wide scope which is to be expanded soon. We have already started a live talk show where one of the experienced and renowned chefs will be live with us everytime and we shall be interacting with him on a topic and viewers will be free to ask questions during that talk. Chef Kala also aims at bringing out the hidden culinary talent in people for which we have recently planned to organize a cooking contest by the name of “Bavarchi” where there is no age or gender bar for the participants. “Keep supporting Chef Kala by clicking on the like button on Facebook and follow on Instagram.”

HospiBuz:- Which is your favorite dish?  

Chef Nellu Kaura:-When you are a chef , every dish is your favourite. But some dishes have good memories along. One of such dishes is “Phirni Spring Rolls”. It is a big achievement when you get compliment from one of the honourable Chefs. Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi Ji said such words ” If this Dish is served in any restaurant , it will be by the name of Nellu Kaura “. Phirni Spring Rolls are different from the Spring Rolls that we eat in our daily routine. Usually Spring Rolls are salty but I made them with a twist and converted them into a sweet dish with the stuffing of Phirni in it. This dish really blessed me with alot of compliments and surely my innovation , my hardwork paid off. And one of the recipes was “Husan – E – Paneer” which I prepared in Lufthansa Cook n Fly Contest and among 1000 recipes it was selected by my favourite Chef , Chef Kunal Kapoor which was a proudful moment for me and all over India , I was the 1st Runner Up.

HospiBuz:- One of your most cherished kitchen memory.

Chef Nellu Kaura:- A kitchen is a place where a woman , a chef gather alot of memories. And these memories are always cherished later on and brings a wide smile on their faces. Similarly , I have got alot of such incidences which I recall now and cherish. Initially , I prepared very simple food that I learnt from my mother before marriage. Later on after marriage when I realised that my husband is a food lover and there are so many itmes which I havent heard about , I started making new dishes at home through books , television which were always appreciated by him and my family. My husband never ever ate Bottle Guard. I innovated it in such a way that he ate and didnt get a clue that it was made of it. I made brownie which always melted his heart like a hot chocolate. Once I made lasagne, after eating it , he said me “My Senorita” which really meant alot to me. Now whenever I make anything he says in Punjabi “Ehnu tan hun dhaba he khol dena hai”. So little little things , make alot of big memories. Keep going and keep gathering bulk of good memories.

HospiBuz:- Share your experience of being selected as the lady chef of the year 2017.

Chef Nellu Kaura:- I always believed in” Keep Going” spirit due to which I never expected my victory everytime but always stepped forward with the same dedication and passion.I didn’t let my confidence to become over confidence.

It is sated that there is no limit of learning new things. I always fill my trunk of knowledge from all the possible sources and I always heard that hardwork pays off. When I was awarded as “Lady Chef of the year “, I was just on cloud 9 and all my deeds came in front of my eyes.

From where I started and where I am gave me goosebumps. I am really thankful to my senior Chefs who believed in me and inspired me to work enthusiastically. Offcourse nothing is easy to achieve . You can not get it , you have to own it. There is no shortcut to success. Hardwork, passion and dedication wiill take you to the top.