World Architectural Travel announces self-driven tours to Serbia


This summer, World Architecture Travel (WAT) takes you on an exuberant self-driven tour through the landlocked country in the heart of Balkans, where spectacular scenery awaits you around every corner. This less explored beauty of a place reveals many untold stories, cultures and ethnicities as you pass by. It’s chaotic past and the hustling present awaits you just a flight away. The art and the architecture of Serbia set in its picturesque landscapes will present you with memories for a whole lifetime.

From Belgrade’s world-class nightlife to the diverse cultures of Kladovo, Nis, Novisad, explore Serbia in all its glory. Watch the landscapes unfurl as you drive by the Danube River. The food and the exotic cuisines adds to the magic of this trip. Drive on your own and start your adventure with an experienced team of travelers. Refresh your mind and your soul in this invigorating 7 day trip. Explore the country like never before, in the comfort of premium cars and excellent hotels.

Embark on an unforgettable road trip and drive at your own pace with a route map guide, a fully equipped luxury cars with all mechanical support and necessary backup across Serbia. This invigorating drive is over 1500 Km in about 7 days through the natural sceneries and the memories which will last for a lifetime. An experienced team shall brief you at the beginning of each day and will be present on route for any assistance throughout the travel.

About World Architecture Travel (WAT):

World Architecture Travel (WAT) a unique travel portal that explores architecture & culture is supported by The World Architecture Festival (WAF) the annual festival and awards ceremony for the architecture industry dedicated to celebrating and sharing architectural excellence from across the globe. WAT supported by WAF has inked a strategic brand alliance to offer a host of benefits to architectural travelers. WAT reaches out to individuals with a passion for architecture, urban design and culture, travels to places of modern architecture, unexplored places, the experience of a well-planned place of contemporary architecture. Through city walks, culture trails and academic discussions are organized with a team of experienced architects, historians, and academicians. Our passionate teams of planners bind in local architecture, building culture, current architecture developments, and urban design as part of your travel experience.