WoW! 9days, 5 cities, 9 outlets


Wow! Momo has launched 9 outlets in 9 days that too in 5 different cities in the country. A journey which was started from a small store has surpassed all the altitude of success. In a very short period, Wow!momo has performed exceptionally well in the market and has received the same response from the customers.

This Navratri Wow!momo wowed the enitre industry by rapid expansion in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Greater Noida, and Delhi.

Team Hospi approached the mastermind behind the exceptional performance of Wow! Momo, Niloy Chakraborty, National Business Head, Wow! Momo Foods Pvt.Ltd, to know the insights about this immense expansion and his plans.

How difficult was it for you to open 9 outlets in 9 days. How did you strategized this rapid expansion?

Niloy Chakraborty :- Opening up 9 restaurants in 9 days is just a beginning. From the starting of the current financial year, we were determined to go for this rapid expansion. We have received around 850 crores in our third round of funding and this expansion is just a part of it. We have chosen ‘Navratri’ for this expansion because recently we have launched Darjeeling momo which is authentic Pahari momo. Darjeeling momo is a flavored momo, which is also very pocket-friendly to the customers. Darjeeling momo tantalize your taste bud with pure Himalayan flavor to make guest’s experience WOW! We serve it with unique spicy ‘Pahari’ sauce, which is only be found in Himalayan areas.

The main aim of this expansion is to reach more and more customers without compromising with the standard and quality of the brand. I am delighted to share with you that our recently launched outlets received immense love from the customers. 9 outlets in 9 days is not an end, we are all set for the next target of 10 outlets in 10 days.

Every expansion has goals behind the action. What is the main goal behind the rapid expansion of Wow! Momo?

Niloy Chakraborty :- Our main aim is to reach more customers across the nation. Being a dedicated Momo brand, we have a Major presence in metro cities. Now we are aiming for other cities like- Patna, Jamshedpur, Chandigarh & Bhopal. In these cities, demand is very high as I had received many calls from almost every city of India for outlet expansion. Next couple of years we are set to expand in tier 2 and tier 3 cites so that everyone can enjoy WOW!

You have mentioned various times that logistics has always been a hurdle in the way of Wow! Momo. How did you overcome it?

Niloy Chakraborty :- We first set up a base kitchen in a city before setting up an outlet. From the base kitchen, we supply the products to the outlets in a limited time slot to maintain its freshness. In this process, the team deals with staffing, local channel and many times whether also come up as an obstacle which makes the logistics task quite difficult. We can’t deny these challenges and we need to accept it. We have managers in every city to manage logistics efficiently. Apart from this, another option is to go for a frozen system but we are avoiding it to maintain the freshness factor of the Momo.