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Wine handling

For your expensive wines to serve your important guests at a party, there’s a high need to lucubrate the legitimate way of styling wine when you’re not with your routine companions. Let’s bear it, there is unequivocally a layer of astuteness to how wine is handled. This article is a wholesome trunk to

  • How the Bottle is opened
  • How the wine is poured
  • How much of the glass is filled 
  • The temperature  at which wine is served
  • How the glass is held
  • How the wine is imbibed
  • Toasting

Without uttering a word, handling wine is one way to show your poise or lack thereof, so Let’s get started with our tutoring in silent sophistication and remember your first impression is your last!

How the Bottle is opened

Once you have justified yourself the paladin of the hour by opening the bottle of wine with equanimity, begin pouring wine for your guests. Grip the bottle from the base, not from side or neck. Leave the glass on the table rather than bringing the glass to meet the bottle, while pouring. 

How much of the glass be filled

For the Red and White wine, fill the wine glass up to the broadest section of the glass… Do not overfill. Overfilling restrain wine to breathe, thus depriving your guests of the full flavour and taste of the wine. Needless to say, the type of wine glass you’ll be using should be appropriate to the wine you’re pouring, that is there are different selective befitting glasses for full- or light-bodied red wine: rose or spicy red wine; light-bodied white wine; sparkling wine and fortified sweet wine.

Holding a Glass of Wine

This part is very short and simple. By the stem and never from the bowl… And the reason to hold the glass from the stem is that- you surely do not want the warmth of your hand to affect the wine temperature. Holding the glass by stem also allows you to more easily swirl the wine, it also avoids unsightly fingerprints on the bowl.

How the wine is imbibed

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The wine is meant to sip, not sculled. In the case of red and white wine, providing it with a swirl aerates the wine and release significant aromas, thus making it easier to drink. A few swirls at the beginning are fine, just don’t go overboard. No need to swirl before every sip or until there’s wine flying out from your glass in every direction (unless you’re attending a Bacchanal).


The fun part of drinking is toasting, every Every experience has a word, from “Cheers” to “Salut” to “Kanpai”. When toasting, clink your glass from the bell, the bottom section of the bowl, to avoid weakening or breaking of the glass. 

So, Bottoms Up!…