Youth with Disabilities Enjoy a Cook-Out Session at O By Tamara


Thiruvananthapuram, 10th August 2023: O by Tamara remains dedicated to the community at large. As part of its CSR activities, the culinary team at O By Tamara, headed by Executive Chef Suresh, in collaboration with Trivandrum-based Helping Hands Organisation (H2O) organised a hands-on cooking session for youth with disabilities.

O By Tamara hosted an enthusiastic bunch of boys and girls at the hotel with their trainers and the centre head of H2O, Dr. Jayshree. At the cooking session, they were given a free hand to cook up dishes they were familiar with, under the watchful eye of Chef Suresh’s team. For those new to the kitchen, the team taught them a few simple recipes and helped execute them in a fun and simple way.

Some of the dishes cooked were mixed sprouts salad, carrot halwa, and much more.

This culinary session was an effort by the O by Tamara team to recognise and cultivate hidden talent and potential. Cooking is an essential life skill and sharing knowledge with young minds helps foster independence and holistic development.

Helping Hands Organisation (H2O) stands as a beacon of compassion and community empowerment. Dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of those less privileged, this organisation tirelessly extends its support to the disadvantaged and vulnerable population by providing them with equal access to education and health care.

Such collaborations help O by Tamara Trivandrum bring joy to the community and help bolster confidence and happiness among youth.