Aways in search of discovering unknown food – Chef Sonu Dhumal

Chef Sonu Dhumal

HospiBuz: Was it your food love or some inspiration which urged you to enter the Hospitality industry?

Sonu Dhumal: I am inspired by my father who is also a chef, gradually I developed more interest in culinary and from then I kept on exploring.


HospiBuz: What is a Chef’s duty according to you?

Sonu Dhumal: Running the operation effectively and smoothly, interacting with the guests to understand their taste and preferences, sharing knowledge with colleagues supporting team members, maintaining a good relationship with other departments keeping in mind the organizational goal and objectives in the short term as well as in long run.

HospiBuz: Chef, you have been a team member as well as a team leader in your career. Please tell us how important is the teamwork when it comes to cooking in a 5-star hotel kitchen.

Sonu Dhumal: Firstly, one has to become a team member to become a team leader, when you support others, train, guide and challenge them they start knowing the directions shown and accepts him as a leader. Not only in a five-star hotel but everywhere teamwork pays.

HospiBuz: Cooking is always linked with the taste in the hands. How much do you prefer using different machines and technologies used for cooking?

Sonu Dhumal: Technology and equipment are essential to run the operation smoothly with fewer manpower resources also consume less time. It’s not about good hands but good hearts. If anything cooked with affection and passion with culinary skill the outcome is always positive.

HospiBuz: You have worked both in India and abroad. Please tell us about the difference in choices of people of both the places when it comes to cuisines.

Sonu Dhumal: There is not much difference. If you have good basic knowledge about the cuisine and of course, sometimes we have to modify and manage the spices level of the cuisine according to our customer preferences.

HospiBuz: One thing which attracts you towards the hospitality ethics of abroad?

Sonu Dhumal: Outside India people are very friendly, hospitality must have certain personality traits which include honesty, integrity, loyalty, trustworthiness, fairness, respect for others, leadership accountability, reputation and commitment to excellence.

HospiBuz: Which is the one ingredient which you cannot miss when cooking your signature dish?

Sonu Dhumal: I don’t compromise with any of the ingredients and their quality, so there no chance of missing out anything.


HospiBuz: Do you cook delectable for yourself or do you end up eating simple food?

Sonu Dhumal: If I have to cook for myself I would cook simple food, though will never miss an opportunity to taste unknown food. I would rather love to cook for others.


HospiBuz: You are working with Marriott International. Please tell us about your daily life in the hotel?

Sonu Dhumal: Yes! Ia ma working with Marriott. My daily routine is checking day to day operations, food cost, menu developing, staff training, creating a friendly working environment and hygiene practices.


HospiBuz: In this world of social media lovers, how important do you think Is the plating of a dish?

Sonu Dhumal: Social- Media is such a platform, with a single click you can find good and knowledgable personality to judge your skill of plating and presentation. Though the best judges are our guests.


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