Insights from the Kitchen of Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront Dubai


HospiBuz: What urged you to enter the Hospitality Industry? Who was your inspiration?

I find the Hospitality Industry to be the best to travel across the globe. It really gives you an opportunity to visit different places and learn new things. I would like to give credits to my father, he is also a chef. I remember as a child I used to visit his workshop along with him. I grew cooking along with him and that is when a chef was born in me.


HospiBuz:  You are working in Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront Dubai. Please tell us about your daily life there?

I am working in Radisson Blu hotel waterfront.  My shifts are generally in the morning. When I enter the kitchen I greet my seniors and co-chefs and check the daily bookings and events. After that, I start preparing for the miseen and this way the work goes on.



HospiBuz:  You are the young talent in the Industry and people today prefer technology for their work. In the field of cooking where it is all about the taste in the hands, how much do you prefer using new machines?

Modern cuisines do require modern machinery. But I prefer using local ingredients in it to give it a fusion of both modernity and authenticity.



HospiBuz: What is the first thing that you do when you enter a kitchen?

Hygiene is the most important thing in the kitchen so the first thing which I need to do is to wash my hands.



HospiBuz: When you eat something new, do you just enjoy it or analyze it like a Chef?

Being a Chef, it becomes your habit to decode a dish when you taste it. So yes I obviously start analyzing it as soon as it touches my palate. My taste buds try to scrutinize what more creative can be done with the dish. And I enjoy doing it.



HospiBuz: Which ingredient according to you if absent will make the kitchen incomplete?

Salt and Knife.




HospiBuz: As we know that you have worked both in India and abroad. Please tell us the difference in Hospitality ethics in both places?

I think Hospitality ethics are not much different but the safety measures and the rules do have a lot of difference.




HospiBuz: One line on a Chef’s Life?

Cook like the grandma and plate like an artist.




HospiBuz: What is your success mantra?

Whatever you do, make sure you are determined about it and happy to do it.




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