CHILI PEARLS specially prepared for PM Modi!


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Chili PEARLS specially prepared for PM Modi! By Chef Vikas Khanna

No doubt, Chef Vikas Khanna has created a wonderful piece of art or dish I should say. His plate is his canvas and every time he cooks something, he presents a piece of art on his plate. Aren’t you curious that apart from its beauty what is so great about it that is was served to  PM Modi on his US visit?? Let’s find out. So Chef Vikas named this dish as Chili Pearls. And the amazing part is that it looks like a nectarous dessert but actually it’s not. He has created a cake of layered sol kadi and coconut creme. Well, sol kadi is basically a Konkani kokum drink which is eaten with rice. One can never think that a drink can be presented in such a manner. Hats Off to the Chef.  The dish obviously appears to be a blast. His creativity and food decor are at its apex in this dish. This dish can definitely make your palate go crazy.


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