Pastry Chef from the Sheraton Kitchen


HospiBuz: You have been a Pastry Chef at Brand Hotels. Please tell us how is the bakery items coordinated for the morning breakfast? Are they prepared a night before or in the morning itself?

Chef Anant Bansode:- Breakfast production of bakery items in the hotels is usually done at night and then they are served in the morning. Breakfast is the first meal of the day and bakery products are becoming prominent for people of all ages as it is tasty and easy to digest. With the changing customer health trends, we also modified accordingly. Bakery invented products which are gluten-free and vegan dishes i.e. we started placing gluten-free bread in the breakfast, one diabetic dessert, the vegan products also became a part of the buffet.

HospiBuz: In the past decade, the bakery industry has evolved a lot. What more trends do you see are soon to arrive in the bakery?

Chef Anant Bansode:- Technology and innovation have changed the baking industry, new production techniques are shaping the current operations in the industry. Peoples are becoming more health conscious and nutrition preferences are changing. Low carbohydrates, whole grain products, organic meal bakery products etc. These trends will arrive soon.


HospiBuz: Please give us a glimpse of the places you have worked with?

Chef Anant Bansode:- I started my career with The Park Hotels under great talented Chefs then I moved to Marriot International as an associate chef at Courtyard by Marriott Mumbai. Here training is the work culture. Then I worked with Four Points by Sheraton, Pune as an assistant pastry chef and then got transferred to Courtyard by Marriott and now I a, again a pastry chef at Four Points by Sheraton.


HospiBuz: What is your take on the usage of fresh fruits and nuts in the desserts?

Chef Anant Bansode:- I strictly prefer using simply fresh crafted food. We use homemade fruit compote, fruit filling, marmalade, caulis to bakery products by using fresh fruits. Granola with nuts parfait, Florentine, nougat semifreddo, Scottish almond cakes these are the variations of using nuts in desserts.


HospiBuz: How important are beautiful desserts in the era of Insta Freaks?

Chef Anant Bansode:- No doubt, the world is full of insta freaks. Beautiful desserts are really important for people to satisfy their eyes first. Beautiful presentation also creates a market for the dish and more people are attracted towards it.



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