The sense conscious chef – Chef Gaurav Bathla


 A dish is a complete experience presented by an artist called chef.

HospiBuz: What inspired you to enter the Hospitality Industry?

Image may contain: Gaurav BathlaChef Gaurav Bathla: Well, when I was in college I started a small firm with my mother called “Biryani belly” we used to cook from home and deliver only on weekends. The flavours and aroma of Mother’s cooking inspired me to be a chef today.

HospiBuz: Chef, you are working with the Massive Restaurants which are famous for their creativity and food styling. Chef, please tell us about the importance of plating in the era of Social Media freaks?

Image may contain: Gaurav BathlaChef Gaurav Bathla: Today, it’s mainly about how it looks on the plate. We as artists define all human senses because we drive our guests with aroma (Nose), taste ( tongue), presentation (eyes), sizzling sound effect ( ear), texture (touch/feel).

HospiBuz: Some professionals feel ‘Fusion food is nothing but confusion’ or ‘loss of authenticity of the cuisines’? What is your take on this?

Image may contain: Gaurav BathlaChef Gaurav Bathla: Fusion would actually be bringing different cuisines together on a plate. We keep our food modern Indian which is very different from fusion. We keep our traditional roots and recipes intact by giving a different touch on our presentation. Eg, instead of giving a simple Dal chawal on a plate we make them as Arancini balls golden fried and serve with achari Mayo and mint chutney.

HospiBuz: You have worked with Sofitel Mumbai and Sofitel Bahrain. Please tell us what difference you found in both places? Do you see a change in ethics, since one is in India and the other is in Bahrain?

Image may contain: Gaurav BathlaChef Gaurav Bathla: Both nations have a difference in culture, style of preparation and presentation. Being a French hotel we keep our French roots in place and bring in local flavours together in a plate.


HospiBuz: How is the breakfast menu planned in hotels and what is done for waste management?

Image may contain: Gaurav BathlaChef Gaurav Bathla: The breakfast menu and quantity is planned keeping in mind the house count. We keep a balance of western food, local cuisine of the place and healthy section. 

Waste management – we keep the portions prepared keeping in mind the guests in the house and approximate walk-ins during the day. It’s all about portion control, Refreshing the buffet time and again also helps reduces waste.

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