Wisdom Diary of a Responsible Chef

Chef Pradeep Bhandari

HospiBuz:- What inspired you to enter the culinary world?

Chef Pradeep Bhandari:- When I was a kid I’ve seen that my family was full of excellent cooks who love natural ingredients and all things were homemade. Well, they made everything from condiments and made the most amazing dishes I’ve ever had.

From then on, my passion for seeing and learning how to cook grew and my grandmother encouraged my appetite for cooking. She called me in the kitchen and asked me to help her with little things at the start. And then I began to take charge of various little dishes.

Side by side I was entrapped in the world of gastronomy until I realized that it was what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life.

HospiBuz:- Question-You have worked both in India and abroad. No matter where we are the essence of Indian food always remains in our hearts, Please tell us one thing about India and Indian Hotel kitchen of India that you miss?

Chef Pradeep Bhandari:- When talking about living and working in abroad, it’s hard to describe the life that you will have in a foreign land. To put it in 1 word, however, it’s tough in starting, It is hard to adjust and start a new life with a different culture, different language, and of course different people unfamiliar rules and social norms.
In terms of missing it was local and fresh ingredients and the aroma of Indian kebabs and curry, except this there are also many benefits of working overseas as a chef. Learning new skills, engage in different cultures and meeting new people means that you can work almost anywhere in the world or return home as a chef with a wealth of experience and skills.

HospiBuz:- Please tell us about your work cycle with Marriott international

Chef Pradeep Bhandari:- My responsibility is to lead the staff and manage all food related functions. I also assist in supervising all kitchen areas to ensure a consistent and high-quality product is produced.

I interact with guests to obtain their feedback on product quality and service levels, and then I make sure that guests are always receiving an exceptional dining experience and then I check that all recipes and product yields are accurately costed and reviewed regularly, I ensure that all food items are prepared as per standard recipe cards whilst maintaining portion control and minimizing waste. My work cycle also includes conducting training for staff, planning new menus and new food promotions for restaurant, etc..!

HospiBuz:- First thing you do when you enter in the kitchen

Chef Pradeep Bhandari:- Well in the kitchen for every chef day begins with meeting and greeting all senior and junior Chef’s, later update myself with daily events checking emails before I go to a morning meeting, a quick round of every food-related area, check kitchen and staff hygiene level, daily briefings and training’s, etc..!

HospiBuz:- Different cuisines require different temperature regulation and different
infrastructure. Therefore the luxury hotels have varieties of kitchen regulated by a major kitchen. Please tell us how many kitchens does a hotel generally have and how are they regulated?

Chef Pradeep Bhandari:- The number of kitchens, manpower and work efficiency depends on the size and type of the hotel, and the types of meal and service to be catered. There may be Continental, Oriental, Indian, Italian, Mexican, etc. kitchens including ancillary sections, e.g. Cold kitchen, butchery, still room, service areas, etc. However, this sub-department produces the food that adopts the system of preparation and control, from the receipt of food supply to service of prepared food to the customers.

HospiBuz:- Which is the one ingredient according to you, if missing will make the
kitchen incomplete?

Chef Pradeep Bhandari:- Every ingredient has its own value and beauty to complete the perfect dish so I don’t think one particular can make kitchen incomplete..!


HospiBuz:- Please, tell us how hotels train new people in the industry to make them flexible enough to handle various situations?

Chef Pradeep Bhandari:- It’s all about training’s hotel provide them to make sure they are strong enough to handle any kind of pressure and situation.!


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