“My Grandmother was a craftsman in cooking”- Chef Apar Chatterjee


HospiBuz:- What inspired you to enter the culinary world?

Chef Apar Chatterjee:- Like any other passionate chef, my charity began at home. I gathered inspiration from my grandmother who was quite the craftsman. She had the enthusiasm to create something new every once in a while, and that sowed the seeds of the culinarian in me.


HospiBuz:- Give us some insights on the training which are given in the hotels?

Chef Apar Chatterjee:- The training provided in the hotels is an eye-opener for anyone who wishes to join this industry. It’s very intense, and you get to know the real trade and pick up the skills that are required to become a chef.



HospiBuz:- Please tell us about your work cycle at Ottimmo Cucina Italina in ITC Kohinoor Hyderabad?

Chef Apar Chatterjee:- The work cycle of a chef is pretty much a routine, you repeat the same till you are a master at it. I as the chef have a set of tasks to follow, and so it is for the entire team, of course, creativity is the heart of all masterpiece, so we try to create something new every day.


HospiBuz:- What is the first thing that you do when you enter a kitchen?

Chef Apar Chatterjee:- Turn on the ignition




HospiBuz:- What is your take on the diminishing traditional Indian cuisine in the era of fusion cuisines?

Chef Apar Chatterjee:- A fusion cuisine can be one’s whims and fancy maybe once a year, but every human being will root for the traditional cuisine 364 days a year. Nothing tops a good old rustic home-style meal cooked the same way you had 20 years ago. I don’t feel that traditional Indian cuisine is diminishing at all.


HospiBuz:- Some experts say that fusion cuisine is nothing but confusion. What is your take on it?

Chef Apar Chatterjee:- Well I’ll be diplomatic over here, A fusion cuisine is nor here nor there, for someone who is trying Indian cuisine for the first time, this is not the way to go. Although the concept of Modern Indian Cuisine has helped bring Indian cuisine to a global platform.


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