A cakey dream to Cake Room by Mary Ann George


As little girls we all have dreams, yes it’s so true our family, friends, surrounding and our upbringing, things that we are exposed to makes us dream a certain dream and as we grow we build on it, it’s never-ending. And if you are blessed you make it happen. Most of the time, it’s that trust within, the passion to achieve a goal.

It was yet another dream for me to one-day bake cakes for my own children like my mother did, the only difference it took me 5 yrs to wind up my busy corporate life to do so. I really wanted to keep a few sweet traditions alive, so that one day my children could proudly say my great grandmother, grandmother and mom knew this cake making things ages back…of course baking methods changed from a coal oven to an electric oven…but some of recipes and tricks remained the same. I hope my daughter has it in her too…too early to wish!


Now, it all started when my best friend Barathi trusted me to bake a cake for her daughters birthday in Feb 2014, so initially it was only friends orders and then through word of mouth the orders grew, and I knew I was enjoying doing this. One fine day, again my friends opened a Facebook page called” Cake Room by Mary Ann George”, which helped people see my work, and then on there has been no looking back, orders kept pouring in and keeping me busy and happy. There is no greater joy than seeing mommies and daddies give a hug when they come to pick up the cake and further get back on the phone to appreciate me on the great taste and fondant artwork. This does keep me going, wanting me to do get better with every new order.

I am very happy that I had hands-on experience as a child on baking, helping my mom and aunt Achachie who fared well in baking with foreign recipes, fondant works, royal icing & sugarcraft flowers on wedding cakes. Today when I took up home baking as a carrier, with the full support of my husband, family and friends, I am happy this is out of passion, love for good things in life and yes, of course, I still get to spend a lot of time with my family.

  I never stop learning new things in this cake world, which gives me an extra punch to know more. Hope my dream comes true to get the Cake Room slightly bigger and accessible to more people. I will be able to make cakes that bring a smile to every person who is celebrating their special day with their loved ones. Yes, yes…it’s homemade, hand made and hand crafted because I love to see that smile on that face!