A call from ‘Mathura’, changed the destiny


Tell us about your love for cake decorating? How did it start?

Sonal Garg: Cake decorating is basically an art form for me and I loved it, it is a life full of celebration. My journey started from homemaker to home baker from November 2017 by the name of Sweetretreat by Sonal, I usually bake and decorate a cake for my relatives and friends, one day a girl from Mathura called me and insist to teach her a fondant work. , At that time I was inexperienced one and said no to her but on her constant request and calls pushes me to teach her, With the blessing of Almighty I started with my classes and orders and It was my best decision.

What speciality does Sweet Retreat have?

Sonal Garg: Sweet retreat specialises in themed and structured cakes with good taste.

Kindly tell us, which cake you’re most proud of?

Sonal Garg: Love for animal inspire me to make ** Eco-friendly Badshah** ( A Goat ) which I have made for a magic colour contest on HBD, everyone praises and appreciate my work and the idea behind is to Save goat, Cake Tagline ” Try me once and make your festival sweet and delicious”. This cake made me feel proud.

How would you describe your cake design process?

Sonal Garg: The process of designing starts with an idea when my client came to me with a few requirements or idea for their cake, I do my best to follow the required themes for their celebration, I discuss the theme, size, flavour, setup and delivery, then I start my work with the paper and pencil, just to get an idea, then I put more details to my design like the colour combination, figures & assent setup and name placements. After this, I send the design to the client for approval. Here is the rough picture of my sketch, where I have joined two themes in one cake. Twinkle Twinkle and Cindrella.

How did you develop the skills for cake figures?

Sonal Garg: In one line “Practice makes Perfect.” After a continuous and regular practice of work, we become natural, skilful and steady.

What’s your personal cookbook?

Sonal Garg: Fortunately, I didn’t follow any cookbook, I believe in practical knowledge.

Describe your most challenging baking project. How did you overcome it?

Sonal Garg: The key to life is accepting the challenges and I accept it when I just enter in this baking world, it was my first tier cake ordered by an event planner for a jungle theme party, I was so excited and happy but it becomes challenging when the event planner mistakenly told me a wrong date, she said 26th, but it was 16th (typing mistake). On 15th evening by 5:00 pm, she called me for other details, then I came to know that it was for the next day and to be delivered by 11:30 am.I was in shock being a beginner, but I accepted courageously and started my work from baking to frosting a five kg cake, did ten animal toppers with the details on it, completed and delivered by 11:15 am.
I got blissful feedback. Some true words….. “If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are.”

How important is food colour for you?

Sonal Garg: Colours play a very crucial part in cake decoration. It sets the mood of the cake. Change in colour, alter the entire feel and meaning of design. It transforms a soft and elegant design into a playful one. For example- Rose. Yellow colour rose which symbolises for friendship, whereas red colour rose for love.