All you need is to play around with the simple designs believes Amrita Malhotra


From where did the passion of baking originate and when did you decide to start Amrita’s Cakery?

Amrita Malhotra: Well, cooking was never my hobby but being a child born in a hardcore Punjabi family was always a foodie. Though I never tried my hand as I was doing an IT job before marriage. After marriage, I shifted to Mumbai after leaving a job and was not interested in pursuing the same IT field job. I was evaluating different options, along the journey, I found my interest in baking. Though in beginning it was a challenge but soon with hard work and passion I learnt the art and science of baking. I would make bakes at home and my family and friends always gave me good feedback and motivated me to start something at a professional level. Hence one fine day we christened the passion with the name of Amrita’s Cakery.

What was unique about the ‘Rustic cake’ that made you win the Pune Bake Show 2020? How different are Rustic cake from whipped cream or DRIP cake?

Amrita Malhotra: Rustic cakes are always at the top of my favourite bakes. We had shifted to Pune very recently and were in the process of settling down. When this opportunity came in I was in two minds whether to participate or not. Just one hour before registration was ending, I made up my mind to participate.
Rustic cakes are simple n having a charm that makes is different from other cakes. You don’t need to give too much of finishing when it comes to whipped cream n drip cakes.
Though you can make rustic cakes in whipped cream as well. All you need to play around the simple design.

Which is the most loved product of your bakery and please share the best appreciation you have received from a customer?

Amrita Malhotra: My decadent chocolate cakes are loved by most of my clients. I have been using the same recipe for decadent cakes for more than 3 years. It’s sturdy | Decadent | moist as well.
I have been blessed to serve many clients from different cities. All have given wonderful reviews. I was really elated when one of the clients told me that cake was superb and not even a single grain of cake was left.

Are cake pops the all-time customer’s choice and as a baker how different is it to make a cake pops as compared to cakesticles?

Amrita Malhotra: Cake pops are kids favourite. Cake pops always make the dessert table look more decorated. Now there is a huge demand for cakesticles as well.
Cake pops are relatively easier to bake as compared to cakesticles.
But when it comes to theme-based bakes, bakers can show better creativity on cakesticles. But to be honest I like cake pops more.

Where do you like the idea of coming up with amazing receipts like Pistachio Torte Cake with Blueberry cheese cream?

Amrita Malhotra: Cream cheesecake is my next best. So when Hema ma’am from fab added me in a collaboration that time I thought to create something with cheese cream but not with typical red velvet and tiramisu. So I decided to pair it with our very favourite pistachios and blueberry fillings. The experiment proved to be successful with another feather in my cap.

Any new fusion that you are planning for the future and also tell us which is your receipt?

Amrita Malhotra: Yes, definitely I would love to try many fusion recipes in future.
I am currently working on a cupcake series where I m introducing many flavours and varieties of cupcakes.
Possibilities are endless when it comes to flavours.

Bakery world is not only about cakes and cupcakes, please tell us more items that are part of the bakery world and loved by your customers?

Amrita Malhotra: Completely agree Bakery world is not about cakes and cakesticles.
I have a range of pieces of bread, brownies doughnuts that I sell to my clients n loved by all.